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In the 2009, the second round of the selected clock family was in his career in 2013, the rest of the festivals were effective. During the second time, he became the second-line defensive custom sea, while relying on the ability to complete the defense of the starting line to make the team defensive group more comprehensive.

As the best defensive new show in 2013, he believes that he and Watt’s level is at the same level. This week, he said in an interview with EPSN: “Although JJ Watt won a few killed than me, but with my strength in the same level. His sports talent is stronger, but I am not too bad. We have The same will, the same big heart, the same technique, he can reach it. “

“It feels very strange through TV. It is really strange. I really don’t like this,” Bris said. “Listen, I am still one of the team leaders, and it is the captain. I will do anything that can help busy.”

“I want to thank the patriots, my family, my fans, coaches, thank everyone,” the clock family wrote. “I wrote these words, but I have decided to hang boots. Bill Belichick (Bill Belichick), Mr. Clavite (stinky face) (Note: Boss Krafte’s nickname), thank you Give me the opportunity for your team effective for 11 years. I love you. Thanks Bill to teach me in the field, I will never forget this. To my teammates, trainer, equipment group, video group, restaurant work Personnel, dooms, etc., I love you, Mr. Ms.. Thank you for the cornerstone of this team. Thank you for cleaning me clean, give me food and takes care of me. “You will always be my family.”

Martin was selected in the 2012 election first round, and he was selected for the pirates. However, in 2016, he participated in drugs and was banned from participating in the last game and the 2017 season of the 2017 season. In the 2017 season, he was replaced in the last three games and because the violation of the team did not enter the list of appearances in the fifteenth week.

If the saints still get at least 50% of the winning rate in Brisings, the champion of the country may still be in their capsules. If Bris can return in advance, then the partition champion will become easier.

Last season, Martin showed that he still had a lot of effort. In the eighth week, he replaced the injured Ma Shaen Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) became the team mainly running guards, and the rushing ball acquired the highest 723 yards. This is the third high of the Martin career single season.

Jet Richardson: I and Watt in the same levelIf you ask 10 people NFL’s best defensive end, basically 10 people will say j.j. Watt. Unless you ask, you are just Hilton Richardson, he will say it is yourself.

Katler’s poor performance caused the dolphins’ dissatisfaction. His passage success rate is only 62.8%, and the ball is 165.8 yards, and it has been taken for 5 times of 5 passes. He was killed 12 times in 6 games. Dolphin fans have agreedly demand that Moore replaces Carterre.

Brisse revealed that he would choose to enter the internal bracket during surgery, he believes that this can accelerate recovery. “This thing can immediately give your thumb strength and stability, which will let you start rehabilitation. You don’t have to move or put on gypsum,” Bris explained.

Although Richardson is not as elite like Watt, he is indeed a highlight of the New York Jet. He said that the jet machine team 13 shot down in 2013, this season took the team with 6.5 times. Like Watt, he also participated in some offensive. In 2013, he had completed 2 shocks of the squad as an running guard, but this season did not get this opportunity.

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Crow fans queued to replace Rice’s jersey On Friday afternoon, the crow fans were queued to replace Rice’s jersey in the main body of Baltima Crow. The team is open for 2nd for the ball to return some of the allowed Nike jersey, and there is another product. Here are some regulations:

Before this season, Watt and Texas have signed a 6-year $ 100 million contract, so Richardsen feels that he should have a big contract for a certain day because they are one level. He added: “The object is gathered with a group, I am in the same level, I will not overestimate him, Wholesale Jerseys I will not be underestimated, I am compared to the same level.”

In the game of Miami Dolphin 0-40, in the game of Baltimo, the performance of Matt Moore is a disaster. He passed 176 yards, and there were 2 passes to be copied. Reach. This makes people can forgive the first Jay Cuter’s poor performance in the season.

After receiving surgery in Los Angeles, Bris watched the first Saint did not have his first quarter-off game, the Saint defeated Seattle Hawks. In the game, Brisings will come to the field to watch the game in the game.