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Vic: I can help the team to win more gamesThe New York Jet Ryan Rex Ryan is firmly used in the first half of the season, using Keno Smith as the team’s first four-point guard, which gives him a big pit. Nowadays, Michael Vick is replaced, he helped the team in this week to defeat the hot Pittsburgh steel man. We have to admit that under the leadership of Victor, the jet offensive group showed the competitiveness before before.

In an interview, there is a reporter asked, if you can become the first earlier, there will be change. I don’t speak in this Wik: “Say your heart, my answer is & lsquo; yes & rsquo; if I said no, this is the performance of myself, the teammates lack confidence. I believe that if you can become the first day We will win more games. But now it is not considered these problems, we need to look forward. “

Terrell is 185cm, and there is hope to play directly. Although Terre’s hugging skill still needs to be polished, his physical style is the innate advantage of the outside defense, and it can complete excellent stare.

Other five players include: Two-wheeled Show Defensive Dragonfly, Davidson, Three Way Show Made Matt – Matt Hennessy, four-wheeled show line Wei Michael Walker, four rounds Jaylinn Hawkins, seven-round show ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Elliot said: “The first thing is not to fall. I never turned the professional household. When you take the ball, you also carry the team, the club and the hope of the fans. Let the opportunity to gave another hand If the team is, it is disappointing everyone. So I think this is the first, I am concerned about protecting the ball this year. “

However, this week he had confirmed through the brain shock and regained the team training, confirmed the next game against the Paplice. However, he said that he still didn’t remember the process before the brain shock. He said: “I don’t remember, I only remember the things in the third quarter, and the memory is that I am on the ambulance.”

Vik This week’s performance has given him confidence, he said he can become award in most teams in the league. It seems that this old fight spirit is once again ignited. Talking about the decision before Len, Wik is not mind: “The coach will make a decision, no matter what the decision he makes, I can fully understand. We need to give a young quartz, need to try to cultivate him, give him He has more opportunities to succeed. “

In order to reduce the various mistakes in last season, the Elliott resort is focused on maintaining the physical grid, and the weight is reduced to 218 pounds in order to increase the speed, and the data currently recorded on the NFL official Highly recommended Website is less than ten pounds.

The 28-year-old Watt career completed 76 killing, his return will have great help to the defensive defense of Texas, and he will consume terrible “Jade Walkney” and another defensive endevery. “JADEVEON CLOWNEY) Defense line.

JJ Watt Return Houston Texas Training FieldDue to the injury Houston Texas people’s JJ Watt (J.Watt) missed almost all season, US Time Wednesday, Watt officially returned to Texas people training camp.

Watt said for his injury recovery: “It is obvious that all this takes a long time, we have spent a lot of efforts to come back, but today, I just started, I also expected every day, just like me. I have said before, I am very enjoyable with my teammates. “

Dolphins announced the complete coach group lineupThe US time, the official announcement of Dolphin, Jim Caldwell, will hire Jim Caldwell to serve as the team’s main coach assistant and quadruple coach.

Brian flores said in the press conference: “Jim is an outstanding talent, but also a firm football coach. His coach experience is a price for me. Jim is a very good teacher. , There is a bar well in everyday, I respect him. “

Allen is the current team’s second additional access to 48 battles and 7 reachaes. He has a chance to complete the record of 1000 yards from the single session, since 2001, the Ji Tiger has not been again Excessive connections above a single season of 1000 yards appear.

Allen tried to catch the ball on November 29th, attempted to catch the ball, he said, he said: “This is really unfortunate, but I am very good, this is the game, I got it. You shouldn’t think about it, so I am not afraid, I will continue to play. “