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One of the first quarters, the package is gave the Haiying team, and Rogers took a 29-yard pass to help the package. The next city first, then followed the 54-yard shot in the game. A 10-point leading advantage is obtained when half of the festival. Although the Haiying hurts the shot of 54, it is still behind the first quarter. Hawks 3:10 packwork.

It is a pity that the top four-point guard career is difficult to have a long time. Now that Wik is replaced by the steel man to give the steel man, recently, recently, the top of the top of the top. Or is it familiar with the formula, or the original taste, Vic is used to running out the pocket for time to find the target, but after all, the older defensive front line can easily catch up with and fill in his own data. . “Walking to” is only the right to power in the short term, hone the basic skills of passing the ball, urge the team manager, coach, strengthening the offensive front line is the king of guaranteed its competitiveness.

nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the bear team expects to play privileges to Jeffri.


Jeffrey last season is a privileged label player and salaries reached 14.599 million US dollars. If the bear team once again uses the privilege label, his salary will reach $ 17.5 million, this price is too high for players who have lack 11 games in the past two seasons. The team can decide whether to use a privileged label on March 1.

According to the different performances of the four-guard, it is now divided into two categories, one is similar to Pedon Manning’s “pocket”, and the other is called “Motion”, from the English “Mobile” translation, Although believe in Da Ya, I can’t help but remind you of the panel shoes. The collapse of Zheng Chuan, the top of the top four-point guard is the young time of the young time, the four-point guards of Mac-Wik, the present representative is the San Francisco 49 people’s Corin – Kamenik and Carolina Black Pantha – Newton, they have a common & mdash; & mdash; pass is not allowed to pass the flexibility and fast speed. Although the passes are not allowed, they run out of the legs again and again, and the flash is moving from the defensive position. It is a long-awaited, all people will forget that they will not pass the ball. In fact, if the game has the barrage, I believe that the full screen is definitely in the “program effect explosion”.

At the beginning of the second half, the Hawks have significantly strengthened the number of passes of the attack. This change has played a good effect. The first round of attack Wilson 6 passed 50 yards, including a 5 yard of the pass to Deta. The Hawks 10:13 is still slightly behind the packwork. But only 3 minutes later, Wilson took the score to the score, in this round of attack, he won the 37 yards in this round of 3, and he ran 17 yards, and the next ball was reached by Baldwen. Sea Eagle 17:13 will be higher than it. In the face of sudden enemies, packages can only rely on 44 yards slightly hemostasis. The third quarter of the competition is successful in 17:16.

A typical four-point guard in the traditional sense should be the same as Pedon Manne, looking for a pass target in the offensive protection net, and spread the ball before defending the protective net. This mode is the foundation of American football attacks, and the offensive front line requires higher requirements. However, it is not that all teams can form a decent offensive line, and the four-dimensional mobile capabilities are especially important.

In the game of victory in the Los Angeles ram, Winston has achieved very beautiful data, and 41 passed 28 times successfully achieved 385 yards, 4 times, and 1 pass, the quadruption of the 80.5. This is the fifth game of Winston Career to achieve at least 4 times, and the fifth game passed at least 385 yards.

Of course, there is also a picture of the top-saving four-point guard, such as the Seattle Hawks, Russel Wilson. Wilson runs out of attack protection network is also forced. On the one hand, the ability to attack the front line is indeed, on the other hand, because Wilson is short & mdash; & mdash; 178cm, as NFL’s shortest quarter-free, his height has always been fans to spit Focus. Throughout the problem, Wilson’s pass is relatively robust. The stable pass and the threat of holding the ball, and the opponent is defeated. Although the 2014 season super bowl is the new England Patriots in the final time to start the invincible mode, but can enter the super bowl in the superbit to win 1 round It is already possible to explain Wilson’s strength. In the 2015 season, under the multi-round game, the Hawks gave an annual salary of 20 million contracts, but also the ability of Wilson to lead the team to win.

Football thirty-six”Thirty-six gangsters are gone”, this is a known proverb. In the face of strong enemies, avoiding its sharpness and other ways, far less than the fighting fish, and then has a strong sacrifice to have more practical significance. In the American football stadium, it is not only a kind of tactics, but also a kind of art.