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Houston Texas chose to help the team to help the team to announce their own draft sign, and the Indianapolis horses choose to let the monkeys in the zoo to announce the team’s draft sign. In short, there is nothing, attracting fans. Their eye.

Redskins aspects, RGIII 37 passes completed 29 times, advancing 267 yards forward, three times captured and killed, only three red balls into the two yards. Morris rushed the ball 14 times advancing 91 yards. Jackson eight times the ball forward 62 yards. Pierre – hondurensis (Pierre Garcon) 10 times the ball forward 77 yards.

The first attack of the second half, the Redskins pass rush combined to complete 71 yards in advance. 7 yards in the Texans line, RGIII again off the ball, the ball was picked up by Watt, the Redskins lost the opportunity to recover points. 4:06 in the third quarter, the Redskins offensive mistakes again, RGIII pass to Nils – Paul (Niles Paul), but Paul off the ball, the Redskins lose the ball.

Texans defensive Taizhanshenwei greet the season opener

Beijing time on September 8, 1:00, cheap nfl jerseys from China regular season in the first week, the Washington Redskins away to the Houston Texans. Texans 17: 6 welcome home opener.

Wearing in 1981, I took over the Auben University football team, when this team was only more than 3 years in the previous 6. In the 12 years of the coaching team, wearing the Austrian university has achieved 99 wins and 39 losses 4 flat records, winning or sharing 4 Southeast League champions. The Auben Tiger has 5 times a famous Top ten teams in the country.

The Seattle Hawks have also become one of the unscrupulous, but they are not surprised with the first two teams than their announcement. They have chosen a diver to announce the 187-bit show sign for the team. It is worth noting. The 12 people hanging behind the diver.

Tayler Eifert will sign a one-year contract with the tiger. He is the first round show in 2013, and his career is not less than six years. In the past two seasons, he only played 8 games. Due to 6 games due to the ankle fracture last season. However, Efte is expected to participate in the sniper training project.

The two sides test each other in the first, seven minutes from time, RGIII captured and killed. Section 3 minutes 57 seconds left in the game when, RGIII off the ball, but fortunately reacted swiftly to protect the lives of the ball did not exchange the ball. The two sides did not score into the sect.

The fourth quarter, the Texans offensive momentum is good, 13 to promote the completion of 83 yards of offense. To the red zone, red at 11 yards, Arian – Foster (Arian Foster) off the ball. Texans also lost the opportunity to expand the lead. After living Redskins defensive success in the next round of attack, Texans maintain a good offense, 13 offensive advancing 63 yards, the fourth quarter when there are two minutes to complete the shot. 17: 6. Then Redskins only desperate. But RGIII 3 consecutive unsuccessful passes, Texans live in the successful defense of the Redskins last attack, to win the game.

After that, Favre led team has maintained a competitive enough, but they were never able to meddle in the Lombardi Cup. In 2007, Favre left the effectiveness of the Packers for 16 seasons, joined the New York Jets. Favre era come to an end, the Packers will usher in a new part of Aaron – era Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) of. Under the leadership of Rogers, the Packers reached the Super Bowl again in 2011, Beijing time on February 7, 2011, the 45th Super Bowl started in Texas in Arlington, Cowboys Stadium, Green Bay Packers to 31 -25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, won the 4th symbol nfl jerseys season championship cup Lombardi, the Packers quarterback Rodgers came three touchdowns, was elected as the MVP of the Super Bowl.

The ram signed the outer handle Robert Woods in this year, and they also selected External Board Kupp and Josh Reynolds. But even if these new offensive players, we will still want to see what the team’s new coach Sean Mcvay will use the potential of Austin.

Two teams in the offseason attracted enough attention. Redskins signed new head coach Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden), and ushered in the all-star took over DeShawn – Jackson (Desean Jackson) to his assistant, Robert – Griffin III (Robert Griffin III, referred to RGIII ). Texans are sent away last year’s quarterback, and signed with the champion selected Jed Vian from the University of Nankalailuo – Kelao Ni (Jadeveon Clowney). He and J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) make up one of the league’s most horrible defensive front.

North of Pearl – Green Bay Packers Introduction

Green Bay Packers American football is undoubtedly one of the most successful team, founded in 1919, this powerhouse has stood up to 95 years in football circles. Packers home is located in Wisconsin’s Green Bay (Green Bay, Wisconsin), 95 years, the team never left here. And football have long been living with the people of Green Bay to blend.

11 minutes in the second quarter when offensive when RGIII third gear, the second captured and killed. Only reluctantly punt. 9 minutes and 14 seconds, Texans quarterback Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) also appeared off the ball, but also timely protection live ball, the ball did not convert. 7 minutes and 57 seconds, Texans punt, the Redskins back to attack 25 yards. Later, Alfred – Maurice (Alfred Morris) twice rushed the ball 16 and 21 yards. Finally fullback Darrell – Yang (Darrel Young) complete a yards rushing touchdowns. Additional points but was blocked by Watt. Redskins 6: 0 lead. 4 minutes 28 seconds, Fitzpatrick found DeAndre – Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins), the completion of 76 yards passing touchdowns. Additional successful, Texans 7: 6 go-ahead score. The next attack Redskins major mistakes. Punt when the ball was Alfred – Bruce (Alfred Blue) cover off, Bruce directly touchdown. Redskins 14: 6 lead into the second half. When the end of the second section, the scholar Ke Laoni to complete a capture Jackson hold negative 9 yards. But the knee was also injured and had to leave the diagnosis. The second half did not play.