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The alliance announced the best player last week, the crow

This week, Baltimus Junja Jaster, Fostt, was rated as the best offensive player in the United States. This is the second time he has received this award in the last 3 weeks. Fost rushed out of 182 yards in the game with the Saints of the New Orleans, and completed the 2-time Daren to help the team won. In the game, Fost still expressed patiently, his punch code or even exceeded 8 yards. A continuous excellent play has made it a biggest harvest this season, and the team quickly found alternative after losing Ray Rice.

MELE Week’s best defensive player:

Charles Woodson, Auckland Assault, Safety

Woodson’s full game was completed 9 times, taking a pass for 1 time, and completed 1 time. The 38-year-old old will eventually help the team’s first victory, and his performance makes people feel that he is only 24 years old.

Yes, Jarius Wright only took a normal screen tactic, then ran 87 yards. We don’t know how to pick up a completely rushing team, but the jet is rushing. This ball running was running recorded since 1998, the first record is 96 yards, and the coincidence is that the party is also a jet.

Bill Cassell believe is their right person. Bill now suddenly a big difference with the 24 hours before, Kassel became the biggest possible candidates for their starting quarterback. This is the new coach Rex – Ryan effect (Rex Ryan) brings.

The best special team player of the United States:

Anthony Dixon, Buffalo Bill, Runover / Special Series

In the game of Bill Great New York Jet, Dickson once blocked the opponent’s abandonation, helping the team to grab the ball in the end area to complete the reach. In addition, he completes a mushroom to reach.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 15th Week: Lightning Lock Season

In the 15th week of the regular season, Los Angeles lightning became the second team of the United States and west into the playoffs. Due to the two of the NET, the previous two of the Skyline, the two teams will be better, and the record can only go to the online card.

Breddy clarified: Unrelated to Mc Daniel

US Time Monday, one Journal of Tom Brady is one of the reasons for leaving the patriot, is the Josh McDaniels, which is the offensive coordinator. But Breddy clarified this in social media.

This game, the Falcon Matt Ryan 27 times passed the 228 yards and 2 times of passing to more than 1 time was copied, the lion team Staffd 47 times will take the 325 yards and 2 The second pass reached 1 time was copied, Gordon Tatt completed the 151 yards of the ball and had a ball to reach. After the lion team won, he continued to lead the country.

Lion Shou’s star takes over Carvin – Johnson and Run Vergy – Bush is absent from injury, which has a great influence on the offense of the lion team. I don’t know if it is a Tour of the Trust or the British scenery. The lion team has not threatened the second line of the front line or the second line of the entire score. The Falcon offensive group of Matt Ryan led, and the Falcon’s Five Attack, and by running Wei Freman received the short pass of Ryan’s screen short pass continuous swaying and security to complete 7 yards. Three minutes later, the Falcon is coming back, just spending 3 minutes, he came to the 1 yard with the help of the lion angle Wesse who interfered with the ball in the end area, and the short-term short-end Pasco was completed by Len. The falcon ends the first quarter at 14 to 0.

Cassell past two seasons playing for the Vikings. He starter last season, the team’s first three games, and then due to the foot injury at the end of September was placed on the injured reserve list. He made 33 l 38 losses record at the time as a starter in 10 years, the effectiveness of the Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs and the New England cashcoincafe.Com Patriots career. Patriots in the seventh round pick in the 2005 draft him.

The big reluctant, and the lion reversed falcon

NFL came to the eighth week, Atlanta Falcon and Detroit Lion Tie’s floating sea came to the Great Britain, and the second London game was started in Wembler. 2 wins and 5 negative records let the patron coach Mike Smith’s handsome position is in jeopardizes, so the Falcon’s determination is determined to come to “Spain”. The first half of the lion team offensive and defensive group were completely not in the state of the Falcon, and the second half was pursued and relying on the shooting of the Falcon with 22 to 21.

After the last 3 minutes, Lanni passed the leader to Glas and Hario Jones, the Falcon won the key first attack. The lion team relies on tenacious defensive to prevent falcon’s attack, and the lion team started the final attack at the 5 yards of this party. Key Time, Staff, does not have soft, twice more than 20 yards pass forward to the Falcon halfway, relying on the Falcon’s pull-up of the Falcon, take the monet of the monet, and completed by Pratt The 48-yard shot was reversed with the Falcons cheap jerseys from china 22 to 21.