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“I said at the time, I didn’t touch him at all. Why did I blow me a pass to disturb a foul?” Peterson said, “he said: & lsquo; From my perspective, you have a body contact with him; I will return Say: & lsquo; What is what is seen from your perspective? You can’t see the external connections at all, because you are behind (being blocked). & Rsquo;

Piteson said in Thursday’s press conference: “My appeal to the league is: Adding more referees on the court, to prevent the back judge can’t see the external connections, leading to the situation of defensive guards in disadvantages. I Almost feel that Swanning is not appropriate. He can’t see the overall situation, we need more eyes to help. “

The two people played the results of last seasons, and Jones hopes that people staying in the 2015 season, they are dez bryant and Demarco Murray. It is reported that if there is 2 people, the wages of cowboy will latency in a few years.

72-year-old For Jones, the next season may be the best opportunity, leaving Bryant and Murray, and then continue to impact the super bowl. Jones said: “If you give up when you can’t bite your teeth, maybe they will give you a super bowl, but if you don’t do it, your dream will fly away from the window, so I decided to do this.”

Giants sign new offensive front line membersBeijing August 10, US Time Wednesday, New York Giants officially announced the signing offensive frontline Colin – Corin Brooks, so Jessamen Dunker was abandoned / put in the injury list. Dowk is a decline show that SAR and the team sign.

Golley was 26 years old, once sent a professional bowl three times, and became the cheap nfl jerseys single seasons to reach the king, and also was elected to the best offensive players in 2017. Although the male lions are basically determined for Swift next season, Williams and Galley ‘s patriarchal guidance is also invaluable.

Jones said: “This is a huge challenge, you can’t own them at the same time, but you can try it. You need to be confident that you do the best decision to ensure that the salary is below the salary cap.”

Campbell said: “We are indeed interested in Todd, and he communicated with him with his brokers. & Hellip; & hellip; but I want to make a little more interested in Galli, do not affect our team DVD Dian Die – Swift (D & RSQUO; Andre Swift) and Jamal Williams. We also hope to start action as soon as possible, but there is no exact deadline. We are galley Interested, but now it is only. “

49 people running 海德 将 比 比This week, San Francisco 49 people will have the opponent St. Louis ram, but they will not get the help of Carlos Hyde. The team announced this week that Hyde will not appear in this weekend during the foot injury.

The performance of Hyde Ben Sendai can be described as a big trip, high open. In the first week of competition, he completed 168 yards ground, harvesting two reachable, with a number of 6.5 yards. But in a few weeks, he has been injured and is struggling very struggled. From the 2nd to 7th week, his buset code is only 3.4 yards. In the last week, Hyde holds the ball 11 times, just advance 40 yards. In the face of the powerful defense of Seattle Hawks, 49 people abandoned 9 times, only 8 first attack.

In the fourth quarter of the competition lost to Dolphins last week, Peterson was blown by DEVANTE PARKER. When the value of the referee indicates Potson in pulling Parke, but Peterson has different opinions.

With the absence of Hyde, Reggie Bush is expected to be a team’s first running guard. He will share the appearance time with this year’s new Xiu Mike – Mike Davis. In addition, English Rugby Stars Jarryd Hayne will also receive the appropriate opportunities. Since the 49 people’s own offensive front lines are struggling, we have reason to think that any running guards are difficult to perform in the game.