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Fürtz said: “I think everyone in the team should work hard to win the first, or you have no reason to stay here. So I will certainly do my best to fight for the first position. But this is not me to decide, the internal base coach About my development plan. I have to do just concentrate on training, keep humility, continue to work every day. “

In the snow-flying Buffalo, the Pittsburgh Steelman, who is going to fight for the United States, Pittsburgh, is a Buffalo, who is fighting for the outer card. Steelman started to achieve smoothness, in the four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger, the leader Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) and the Runweirave-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) The steel man continues to obtain a large amount of size. However, after the attack to the Bill Red District, the passage of the big passed was copied by the Bienzo Alexander. But Bill did not grasp the opportunity, and quickly discard it. The steel man who started to start offset continued to take a smooth attack, and this time they finally finished the 3 yards of the 3 yards. At the end of the first section, the steel man was advanced by effective short pass and the squash steady, and the second section of the Belwashing pocket 7 yards received the second time. However, in this section, the steelman made mistakes, and the passage of this half was passed by the STEPHON GILMORE, and the latter came to the steel man 7 yard line. It is no longer missed, and Tyrod Taylor passed the top of Sammy Watkins to get 8 yards. Enter the second half, in the second half of the steel man, the SMEL continuous punch helping the team steadily advanced and finally completed the 5 yards. In the fourth quarter, the steel man in the front of the Bilda is once again mistaken, and his pass is in opponents in the end area. However, Bill, which started attack, was also passed by the steel man, and the final steel man rely on this opportunity to get 3 points by shooting. After this, Bill was first wakeful, and after the 41 yard of Lesean McCoy, I was transferred to the near-Terries CLAY. 40 codes. Then the steel man’s attack is Bell to bear most of the offensive heavy, and the steel man has successfully advanced to any ball and shoots. In the next wave of attack, they have completed the number of large numbers in the next wave of attack, and finally run the Wei Mai Kaiwu ball 3 yard to get up to the array. But the gambling kicks did not declare their failure of their efforts. The final steel man 27-20 defeated Bill. Bill quartz Wei Taya 25 passed 15 times successfully acquired 228 yards 2 times to reach 1 time passed. Running Wei Mai Jue 12 times a 27-ygment of 27 yards, 6 codes were taken 6 times. Throughout the three-dimensional Bath of the steel person, the 31 shot was successfully passed. Running Wi-Bell 38 shoed a shower to win 236 yards 3 times, 3 shocks reached a record of the team’s single game, and 62 yards were taken 4 times.

Jet coach: true fans will not want the team to loseThis week, the New York jet is a long-awaited victory, and they defeated Tennesi Toyitan, which is still poor. Victory is happy, but this also means that the jet wants to get the homage sign is very embarrassing. Some fans may be regrettable, but the head coach Rex Ryan does not agree with this statement.

Fülz also hopes that he can meet the expectations of the fans. He said in the interview on Friday, he will do our best to get the first position. At the same time, Fürtz also said that he trusted the Arch of the coach Matt Nagy, even if it meant to replace it.

Justin Filz: Will do their best to win the firstThe bear fans have been working for many years, only for the team to get a real cornerstone quarterfield. Justin Fields, Justin Fields, joined the team this year, gave the fans hope.

Said in the remaining competition, the green bay packaging worker in the surplus competition, in the main court, to meet the enemy Seattle Hawks. After the opening, the main team ushered in the ideal opening, the four-point Wei Alon Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) has a Davante Adams, and the latter is getting rid of the defensive leader to the reachable area to get 66 codes. . The Hawks then score the score gap with one free basket. In the second quarter, the vast ball of Russell Wilson is held in this part of the package, and the latter is coming to the Morgan Burnett. Hawks 26 code lines. In the face of such a chance, the packaging work has not been wasted, and finally takes the Thai-Montgomery, the Ty Montgomery is a 1 yard. Then the Hawks were overcrosted by Wilson. The package worker who has obtained a good offensive position enters the Haiying Red District, Rogers short biography to find the old partner External hand Yidi-Nelson (Jordy Nelson) completed 9 yards. The Hawks who are eager to score before the end of the half are advancing to the packaging worker. Wilson’s passage of the Paramarious Randall, the Damarious Randall, the Damarius Zone. The first half begins to attack the Eagle that Wilson to the DD-Danzang after the promotion of 20 yards. Wilson’s bad luck has not finished yet, and his pass in the afterlife is once again copied by Land Dao. Randoh Cassest attack came to the Haiying 32 code line. After using short biography and pavement offensive, Rogers completed the completion of Denilson with Nelson. After entering the fourth quarter, Rogers exposed in the competition was replaced by the four-point Web Rat-Henndley (Brett Hundley). The nicknous struggle is not allowed to make the packaging work to get offensive opportunities in the Hawo eagle and eventually score by any racket. At this time, the Hawks finally played a successful offensive, Wilson’s long-passing to the outer hand Tanner Mcevoy acquired 21 yards. However, in the fourth section, Wilson handed over the fifth pass by the personal competition. The packaged workers who started from the Eagle 19 yard lines directly Cheap jerseys From china the external hand Jeff Janis. The final package 38-10 victory of the sea eagle. The Hawks of the Sea Eagle Swanwell Wilson 39 passes 22 times successfully acquired 240 yards 1 time to 5 passes were copied. Packaging workers quartzvae twice passed 18 times successfully obtained 246 yards 3 times, and external hands Adams 4 times a ball acquired 104 yards 1 time.