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In the face of COVER-3, the angle guard was pulled by the SMASH route (W / H) without take care of the inner route. BRADY can put a swing in the middle of the road, induce its movement, cutting with SEAM route (X / Y) 3 people in depth high gaps. The new change of the patriot is to use non-running flanges. Julian EDELMAN is used as the zone running high crossing route involves the inside defense. After reading the defender, select the route to find the air to catch the ball (the average 5.02 yards after the regular season).

This year’s 27-year-old Derwi is a futile player, which has always been in the patriotic spanning lineup. She was transferred to the team last season and started to fight 4 games. He can make two positions and striker, and his joining is a good supplement to the offensive front of 49 people.

When the opponent is facing the three extraction, this rushing tactics can be used. The proximal edge (Y) is blocked outward, and the weak side guard pulls out of the second line from the air, and the running guard follows. In addition, the flexibility of Lewis also allows him to bypass from the outside of the near-end.

At August, Fisotovic and Texas were renewed until the 2020 season. He completed 54 battles last season, got 559 yards and 4 reached. However, there is not yet with the rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson, and now the latter season is reimbursed, and the running only can wait for one.

The patriot is sent to additional cut off (Y) and the EDELMAN (Z) station is closer to the sharp line, making the defensive tendency to shoot. The strong side stripes after the kick out and pretend to be rolling, and the SEAM route of Bennett (U) is in the SEAM route of Bennett (U).

Cleveland is 23 years old this year, because 49 people currently have more than 8 people in front of the team, so they were traded. Cleveland graduated from the University of Miami, which was the player of last year, and then was signed by 49 people and had a record in 6 games. There is still no receipt of the ball in the regular season.

The opportunity of “Free” appears in the defensive group’s live ball foul. When the yellow flag appears, the most common is the defensive crossing (ILLEGAL CONTACT), the illated contact, the Holding and 12 people will also appear “free”, and they are robbed by the offensive group. The reason why “Free” will appear, because the defensive group live is fouled, the referee will not immediately start the horse, will be completely completed, and then the captain or the coach selection of the offensive group. The result of the penalty is still the result of this file. So when the quad-guards see the yellow flag and confirmed that it is a defensive group livelihood, it is often chosen to choose the gambling, because the benefits of gambling-style is that the number of large numbers and even reaches, and the harm is mainly easy. Chat with opponents. If there is a “free”, if a copy occurs, the offensive group can choose to accept the judgment, such a result is the copy of the defensive group code. If there is a large number of propulsion and even reachable, the offensive group will refuse to make a penalty, directly accept the number of large numbers or reachable. It can be a Wanli.

It seems that the team’s coaches seem to be very dissatisfied with Teddy-Thompson, especially after the offensive line players go to the partition. It is reported that the coaching team expressed anger for a player player, it is reported that the communication of the front Lang and the coach team is very smooth, and the departure of Lang not only makes the coach group, but even some players are very dissatisfied.

The 2013 two-year show signed a contract with Titan in 2017, but the injury hindered further development. First, the leg tenet will make him only 10 games in the 2017 season, then the ACL tear injury mentioned above. Titan finally cut him in March this year.

The wilted security free market has finally resumed the meaning of the vitality. Ziprane last year due to the absence of the entire regular season in front of the knee, Signing means that his status is close or returned to full health.

49 people will be near the end of Azizi deals to patriotsAccording to nfl jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that 49 people in San Francisco tried to replace the neighborhood Termati-Cleveland in the local time, and exchanged the attack on the Authentic ASANTE Cleveland. Front player Jordan Devey

Lang’s situation is a recent case, perhaps this is about the business itself. However, Thompson currently needs to put their attention at the draft election, because this will affect the team’s next season.

Football thirty-sixThirty-six plays such a description of the fire: the enemy is harmful, and the trend is perceived, just soft. It means that the enemy’s situation is difficult. I just take advantage of this favorable opportunity, and resolutely fight the enemy to achieve victory. Corresponding to the American football, it is a variety of “free play”. Although the standard turminals should be “white offensive opportunities”, but some senior balls, fascinating FREE Play with Chinese English to “Free Play”, this “free” is also a god-standing ” God translation. Because Free Play is appearing, the offensive group is really a defensive group that is “free” free “free”.