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Xie En – Vilin hopes to get 5 million contractsThe New England Patrioper’s Run-weighing-Vilin has set a goal for his own twitter, seeking a contract of 5 million per year, he wrote this: “Haha, not very certain, but Who doesn’t want? It is reported that Verin hopes to get a contract of 5 million US dollars. “

Allen said: “Every team in NFL & mdash; & mdash; no matter what you are recognized, it is the defending champion & mdash; & mdash; the coach released in August: & lsquo; our goal is to win Super Bowl & Rsquo ;. So we also hit this spirit, first set the target. Currently, we hope to continue to strengthen the basic technology, strategy and sweeping skills. Excerpts these small details. “

The next month, Wilin will become a free player, and it will be a player who is very concerned with the free market. Because it is true that the value of his second round, his value is indeed, relative to the running guards in other free markets, The negotiation capital, the past two seasons have completed the record of 100 batches, which is very difficult for today’s NFL running guards.

“Can return to the training ground, especially in this week, participate in training, this is great,” Lagland said. “We will observe the recovery every day. This will decide according to my knees. Most of the time, my knees feel great. The team staff is very good. Everyone is very good. So I Grateful to this, I am grateful to these people to help me return. “

Patriot four points Galopolo, Brisett regression trainingJimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett have appeared in the training of New England Patriots on Tuesday, the patriot is still expected to have at least one of the previous injured four-guards. Facing Buffalo Bill in the next field.

These four players include: Jared Allen, Michael Roos, Mark Bulger and Kate Bulluck. They taught their own curling teams “Best lineup (all-pro)”, because three players have selected the best lineup when NFL playing, and Bugle has also selected a professional bowl twice.

The team has replaced the coach, the general manager and defensive style, which let Lagland have many homework after absence the entire rookie season. The 2016 two-year show returned to personal training in the team’s break training, which marked that he began to catch up.

Brises, who wrapped around the thumb and wrist, looked at the reporter before training, and he said with a smile after the reporter: “I have never seen so many people watch my hand,” but At the same time, Garobo is not issued.

In Rex Ryan, Ragland was considered to be 3-4 internal guards, but in Sean McDermott, he held what role in 4-3 defensive formation to be observed. May until Lagland’s license can be fully trained and the team can observe that he seems to look at the scene.

Allen and Bugle have played with the other two curling athletes last month, and the United States who won the gold medal in the United States: John Shuster, Tayler George, Ma特 – Matt Hamilton, John Landsteiner. Allen and Burg’s team eventually lost the game.

McCaun said that he said herself “forward in the right direction” so that he may be able to play in the next game of New York jet. Brown coach – Jackson did not announce who will serve as the first quarter.

The front NFL player team strives for the eligibility of the American Curling ChampionshipFour original NFL players have now found a new field to play sports talents. They are currently being struggling to participate in the American Curling Championship. If possible, they also hope to participate in the 2020 Winter Olympics on behalf of the United States.

Although it is easily injured, Cheap Jerseys McCahn is a stable pass and prove that he can lead the offensive group to advance. It can make this old return to the stadium should especially help Brown’s long attack. Although Kasler is calm and showing a stable pass accuracy, he cannot complete the long pass. After McCan returns, you can expect more long biography in Brown Tactics.

The team’s starting competition is the first quartz, Cody Kessler, has not passed the brain shock inspection process, and he is expected to come in the next game. Maiju will replace Kemin Hogan to return to the start. After the game is played in the game, Huogang completed its own legs, but the passage was bad.