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Matt – Shaohu did not follow the team to London

According to the report of the CSN Bay Division, the raid people’s substitute four-point guard, the old soldiers Matt Schaub, did not follow the team expedition London, prepared to “home” on the Wemblestan game, but Stayed in the United States. According to NFL sources Steve Wyche, Shao Bu leaving the team this week because of the wife who is about to give birth.

Xiao Baker Him: I bring my talent to the football field!

This summer, Odel Beckham spent time spent the giant’s team training and European training camp. In Europe, of course, some things that must be done in Europe, such as playing football.

This transaction is in line with the nearest style of the patriots. They traded at the past two seasons. As far as the trading, the old will be Akeeers, Jonathan Casillas and Qiong – Bo Jon Bostic reinforced line guard position.

As NFL official website expert Daniel Jeremiah and Pakistan Bucky Brooks pointed out in the show on the show on Friday, Rayxi is the key to the Green Bay offensive group, because his success can be external Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams, manufactures long-passing space. “Aaron Rodgers may be the best quarter-offs in the long attack of the NFL,” Jeremia explained. “We see the 66-size long conveyor of Judi-Nielsen is based on excellent ground attack.” Leis is elected to the 2013 season’s best offense rookie. From the 21 game records in his current appearance, we can speculate that he continues to rush out of the code after contact and causes the opponent’s wrong to hold one of NFLs.

Packaging worker coach praised to run away

Eddie Lacy During the Thursday Night, the 132 yards of the 132 yards of the 132 yards were destroyed by the performance of Minnesota, and most of the destruction he had is behind the opponent’s defenders. From the defensive players, they rushed or got rid of defensive players.

In addition to the use of the helmet, the rules related to the ball have changed, and NFL changes the position of the player’s long-term array, reducing the contents of the edge interception, and stipulates the time point of the attack at the attack.

“I think he is a head beast in an open area,” The coach Mike McCarthy “said to the Fox Sports Wisconsin division after the game. “We have been working very well, Eddie is very good.” Rays praised his offensive front line, stressed that the neutral “too big” they opened, this allowed him to rush forward forward 10 Code, 20 yards, 30 yards.

“Although the media did not pay attention, the change of the rules of the ball did existence, I have never seen such a big change.” Mike Ore said, “people know very little about this. The limitations of the two sides of the attack are much more. I also talked with a special group coordinator. He is looking forward to the implementation of new regulations. We all think that this is good for the development of the game. But what can be done, what can be done, the rules are still very complicated, we need to be obvious Change.”

Xiaobei completes two opportunities to complete the connection. And in the third try, it is even in sneak a peek here sight of the whole world in his rookie season, and it is a single-handed game. It is also that kind of ball, let “Odel Beckham” mounted on the headline, becoming a new generation of nfl.

A few days ago, he first showed his own huge and “world wave” when the training of Bayern Munich.


Following Tuesday, he took himself in NFL’s famous stunts & mdash; & mdash; brought one hand to another green field. Under the cooperation of Tottenm Hot thorns, Beckham once again showed 45 yards of articulate articon, but this time the captured is not rugby, but football.

Patriot has two performances of line-in-Jamie Collins and East Tower-Heili (Dont & # 39; A Hightower), which is an impressive six-round showline Wei Alandon- Elandon Roberts also gets more appearance time. Vanoi will provide lineup depth and all-in-capacity performance when Collins or Haili is injured.

The tiger will hopes that Berro can quickly adapt to the professional stadium and lead the team offensive group to play similar performance. Bolo will have sufficient pass weapons in the tiger: old will take over the AJ Green and the team signed the privileged label contract, Tayler Boyd, John Ross (John Ross) It is about to usher in a critical season. In addition, the Tiger selected the Tee Higgins of the University of Clemsen University in the second round of the draft.

In this year, the NBC Rule Analytics will be brought to the NBC Rule Analytics, Terry McAula will also participate in the conference. He said that the potential impact of the change in the rules of the ball cannot be ignored.

In 2014, the 400th selection of the election is selected for most of the time to fight for abdominal surgery, he can only serve as a substitute in the 2015 season. Although he entered the first lineup this season, he did not grow as much as the team’s predecessor management.