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Message review: Purchain will safely defender to the eagleBeijing August 23, US Time Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the red scitch and the eagle conducted a player’s transaction. The rickets will be sent to the eagle in the Rudy Ford, in exchange for the anti-Bruce Hector.

The team of four defigues will certainly have an impact on the strength of the team. But the patriot is also coalted by the greatest coach in history. If Galrett Stidham is excellent, the jet will have a new headache.

Ford is a six-round show in 2017, mainly serving as a replacement security, which has previously been a game for the Rapu. He will provide more guarantees for the Eagle Iodialed Eagle Irstrum last season.

“For the great players like Tom Braddy, it is clear that his departure is a big news,” the jet 4 points Sam Darnold “said on Tuesday. “This is a headline news. For us, every game of NFL is very difficult. I think any players will prove this. So, even the greatest player in history & mdash; & mdash; or even the greatest player in history Leaving the team, we will not fell lightly for any opponent. We won’t drop it lightly. “

Heto is 24 years old and is a 2018 elected show. The mid-season was activated from the training lineup to the big list, and there were 8 games. After being cut in Darius Philon, the red scitch is needed to add this position.

Tiibo and Co-send touching video encourages youthTim Tebow and Riley Cooper do a teammate in Florida 4 years, this time they did their teammates again in Philadelphia, which was not only on the court.

“They have achieved great progress,” said Carol. “Whether you can return to the first day of the training camp, whether it is still hurting and can’t play a list, we have to wait and observe what happens in this six weeks. This is really important for six weeks because of these people The status is enough to prepare them. They recover status during the recovery process, and now they are ready to make progress. “

“I think he and Celt training trust,” Yang received an interview. “Before the end of the first half, I make it difficult to understand. If I am quad-shock, you will make time white, what is this? This is just my idea. I understand that you want to consume a little Time, so you don’t have to put the ball to Patrick Mahomes. I understand this, but how do you give me some time? This makes me think that the current relationship needs to cultivate, both parties need to establish Trust. “

The wild horn of the horseman, Vic Fangio, said that Kevin Hogan will appoint Kevin Hogan in the competition of Ward Thursday. Fang Jio said that the wild horse is likely to not enable any starting members in the fourth episode.

According to NFL NETWORK reporters, jets are trying to take over Quincy Adeboyejo before the jet is tried.

Pony signed the defensive cutah Johnny Robinson. In order to make a big list space, James Williams is abandoned.

Lightning Safety Wei Nai Sier – Aidley (Nasir Adderley) returned to training on Thursday. The head coach Anthony, Anthony Lynn, said he wants that Edley will fight the game in the final appearance. “Seeing that he returned to me today.” Lin En said, “He played a few rounds, we will slowly let him recover.”

49 people Safety Guii Mi-Ward has passed the physical examination, which can participate in the team’s contact training. This 6-year old will have before clavicle fracture. The neighborhood George-Kitch (calm muscle tension) has also returned to the training. Kyle Shanahan revealed that Jimmy Garoppolo would participate in the preseason of on Saturday, but only the first half.

9 years ago“Look, I always think about what if I am on the court. How will I think? I will feel”, wait, give me the ball to me. & Rsquo; so two people have to find a way to continue on the current basis establish trust.”

At the end of this year, the jet is very fortunate without adapting to the new coach and the new first quarter. If Darnod can play out in the new season, maybe the jet can pull back a city when the patriot is.

It seems that Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian will first have the opportunity to compete in the first season. The experience of winning the wild horse in the case of the offensive performance is flat. Performance is enough to lead the team to win. But this doesn’t mean that they will not miss Manning.

Sea Eagle is looking forward to Rawls and Glaham ready to play new seasonSeattle Haying Pitt-Carol (Pete Carroll) believes that the two key members of the offensive group runowing Weimas Rawls and the close-up GMG-Glaham is expected to be ready to play the first Week game.

Glaham is recovering Cheap Jerseys From China the tear injuries encountered in the 12th week of last season. Such a knee is hurting and is difficult to recover. Rawls fractures in the 14th week. Both did not participate in this week’s mini training camp.

Jet quartz Sanold: Will not fall to the patriotNew York jet and new England patriots are the same in Meidian East. This means that their quarter-saving must answer questions about the old opponents to replace the quarter-saving.