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This game jet passed the 257 yards to complete 2 Dalsets, the sports ball pushed 43 yards, 17 to 16 leaded to the fourth game, maybe Ford is hope that more sports can help the team can keep the team to keep the team The advantages.

Matt Ford’s tactical choice for jet

The New York Jet Matt Forte is dissatisfied with the team on Sunday to Atlanta Falcon, and the game is sturdy, and Ford insists that the team should choose more sports attacks.

Giants believe that Pierre can’t play this year.

Last week, New York giants finally had the opportunity to do physical examination for Jason Pierre-Paul, according to news, his hand is better than the team’s expectations, the team thinks he will be absent this season. the match of.

According to reports, Brown hopes to serve as the left trial in the new team. In the first two seasons of the crow, Brown has always been a right cut. In November this year, Ronnie Stanley was absent because of an ankle, and Brown was on his position.

At present, the giant cannot give the specific return date of this rushing, so the contract cannot be renewed in Piercolo can also put him on a non-football injury list and do not need to pay salary. He may be training recovery in Florida this season.

Pirates defensive Dide Wild Scotus will receive the second shoulder surgery

NOAH Spence has entered the list of pirate injury reserves, according to the coach Dirk Koetter, the Sino Season is reimbursed and will not return.

Sino is a two-round show in the pirate 2016, and the season will play three games, and 1 kill is obtained. Sunday lost to Bill’s game, Spencer participated in 35 files in 68 defensive groups, but then encountered the fourth shoulders in two seasons.

The decline in McCaki Ben is a large extent needed to be attributed to the injury of offensive front lines. At the same time, the eagle caused a strong Darren Sproles, which also reduced the number of McCay’s buses. Anyway, fans are willing to believe that familiar McCaki will come back, he needs to lead the team in the rest of the game.

McCay: I am still the original

In the second year of Chip Kelly, Le Shean McCoy did not continue the excellent state of the previous season. In the 2013 season, McCoojo promoted all running guards with a 1607-yard pavement. His average code was up to 5.1 yards. Since this season, he touches 729 yards, temporarys 6th, and the number of code fell to 3.7 yards.

The crow is cut off. Dulando – Brown demands to be traded, hoping to hit the left

US time Wednesday, many media reported that the crows were off-attack cut off the neighborhood-Brown (Orlando Brown Jr.) requested to leave the team, but there was a condition.

Compared with the top 10 games last season, McCay’s scorpion code has a less than 203 yards, and the number of balls is less than 215 yards, only 2 times. After a repeated question and abroad, McCoo finally was annoyed. He expressed his dissatisfaction in the recent interview: “Someone asked me: & lsquo; Are you still that McCoo? & Rsquo; I will never answer this question again, this problem is meaningless, you want to think I know what? I want to ask this question must be crazy, I finally told you in the last time, I am still the McCoo. “

Sistanley has a contract with the team for 5 years from a $ 98.8 million contract last October, and the crow is expected to continue to serve as the first left, which means that Brown will return to the right.

Weber said in an interview with “Baltimore Charm”: “Glaham is like LeBron James, and the big and magnificent beasts, no matter who prevents him is a small anti-big misplacement defense, this point with & lsquo; Wei Zhentian & RSquo; (the lion takes away Lendend Johnson) is very similar. We always stared at him at all times when he defended him to prevent it. “

This week Bal’s Mosus Crow will face the New Orleans Saints. Last week, Tiger is doing well on the limit of Graham, only let Glaham get 29 yards. Will Hill also said that they need to learn from the defensive strategy of tigers. He said: “Tiger is successful for Glaham’s defense. They put on Glaham on the line. When the defense is overwriting, it will be kept in the area, and they also put a lot of rushing pressure to the quarter-saving, so that Drew Brees is not enough time to pass. “He also said This week he will do our best to fight Glaham with his teammates.

Crow Cangwei will be Braraham than Brand James

Recently, the New Orleans Saint Star Nearly Director Graham has been praised by many team players. Zhou Sincinnati fierce Tiger line is Emannuel Lamur. Mib is a dinosaur to express his power. This week Bal’s Motor Tor Cheap Nfl jerseys Karad Rigoz Webb will make Garaham to LeBron James in Wholesale Nfl Jerseys.