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Bengals defensive end Lawson want to return the first week of the regular season

Beijing July 9 hearing in 2017, the Tigers rookie defensive end Carl – Lawson (Carl Lawson) completed 8.5 sacks, as if the future pillars of the defense. But he suffered a serious knee injury in Week 8 of last season, before right knee cruciate ligament tear.

Hawks a new show running 卫 佩尼 Finger fracture need surgery

On August 15th, the Haiying Team was trained in Monday, and the first round of Rashaad Penny left early. According to Seattle reporter Bob Condotta, the Peni is injured, a finger fracture.

Many people think that Bill Bellcheck is the most proud disciple is Nick Saipan, which is true, which is true, can Belick’s successor? One is the current defensive coordinator Mat-Patricsia, and the other is the Dezhou people’s defensive coordinator Romeo-Krener, this season, he made no JJ Watt’s Dezhou defensive group became the first defense of alliances, this field He also succeeded in snios and sniper the attacked the old people. In the pavement defense, the whole patriot is only a mediocre performance of the 98 yard, it looks at the half, and the 9th rushed 19 yards is equal to it to the transmissal of the emperor of this season. It is completely scrapped, “blocking the road”, this is the first to be the first thing Beli Check defense, but I was used by the apprentice.

Note: Currently, Brown himself denied the authenticity of the news, and there is other news that the transaction is unlikely to achieve. Steelers did not rule out possible message to deliberately release the pressure on the other team.

Let’s talk about how the Falcon’s attack is a mad sea-seeks, since then, since Kyle Salunhan takes over, the falcon offensive is not completely dependent on the ball. The Falcon has the only season of the entire season. Do not adjust the stable offensive front line, PFF Ranking Alliance Sixth, plus two strength balanced runners, and create the fifth of the league offensive. Ball offense, not only Matt-Lan and Hurio-Jones connected to the connection, although other pickles do not have the first level of the skills, but they are all good at getting ridiculous. Under the strict stare of the sea, almost every knife is inserted into the soft ribs of the Hawks, and the Kuina’s understanding of the Habi defensive group.

Peni is 8 times in the preseason of the squad, and the 16 yards are promoted, and they will complete the ball twice, and the 7 yards are promoted. He is the first round of the first round of this year, and he is also the second place in this year. There is only Saquon Barkley, which is taken away by the team before him.

Although the results of thrilling, but the Steelers hold the audience is indeed the situation, with a steady run over by chiefs of hard power, into Foxborough, although the strength seems less a patriot, who would dare to look down on them?

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Peni will go to Philadelphia to receive surgery repair fingers, and it is expected that it will be absent from 3-4 weeks. Whether the regular season can be played to appear unknown.

During the off-season, Lawson focused on the recovery process, but also not be too hasty. In the absence of confirmation hundred percent healthy physical condition, the Tigers and he will not be eager to participate in training camp.

Lawson said: “There is a lot to look forward to, but at the same time, the ability to stay healthy has to distinguish the team area I think the most important thing is to keep the team depth & hellip; & hellip; as long as we are not as serious injuries last year. you can wait and see. “

The relationship between Brown and the Steelers last appeared in the regular season one week rift, then, Brown repeatedly complained quarterback – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) squad hegemonic behavior, and said he still loves the game, just want to be respected .

Houston Texas People’s Eve 13: 9 defeat Cincinnati

Beijing time on September 15th, 8:30 in the morning of 2017, the second week of regular season, Jinchen, the second week, the hometown of the Town, in the main court, the Temple.

UPDATE: According to ESPN reporter Adam – Xie Fute reported that general manager Bill Brandon – Bean (Brandon Beane) said the team did not succeed with the Steelers in Tuesday’s trading to try, now give up to get Antonio – Brown’s plan.

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How does the packaging do 21-3 at a half-time? The anti-run is available, the rookie defensive spike Kenny Clark almost ranked the best competition in this season, constantly in the inside and the star Travis – Frederk called the board, the packaging workers also took the power to suppress the road attack of denim Elliott could not ran out the number of large size, although the anti-biography is still unable to prevent it, but the cost of the cowboy offense has paid a price, and the ball will be packaged once again, and the cowbies are not realized. The severity of the problem. The package worker offensive group and the outer card will be slow and hot. The packaging work has lost the Di Di Nielsen, but Dante-Adams, Landel-Koba and Jerie-Cook status simply hot, Plus Gronimo, which is easy to be ignored – Alone, as well as the Tiantuhua route runs all the targeted stares of the cowboy, turns into a group of confrontations, Rogers only need to find When the ball is passed, the ball is passed, and the excellent data of 12 transmitts 6 is made. The left side of the apartment is exceptionally excellent, and the ball is protected from the rigorous seam. Rogers can accurately to millimeters per pass. Plus a half-way home running Thai-Montgomery jumped out to solve the problem The packaging work in each time is simply not blocking.