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The bear team will still be centered on Michelle Trubisky, Lei Ze needs to be together with Matt Nagy, and the number of collars in the field score and propulsion code number are ranked third. Wind City offensive group. It is currently not determined whether the internal base will make the power of the tactics.

San Francisco 49 people star line Willis will announce retirement

Patrick Willis chooses to leave the league in the peak stage of his career. According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, the 30-year-old wire guard Tuesday plans to declare retiring after the 49 people in San Francisco.

His retirement is a big blow for 49 people, and the team is urgently needed after the Sapphire Jim Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh. Considering that in this season, it will be 37 years old, and Smith’s retirement is undoubtedly more prone to compensation between two people. In the case where the team will conduct blood blood and move toward another direction, Smith is in the expectation. But on the other hand, Willis’s retirement takes some time to make up.

Crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh) did not comment. It is expected that Jackson will pass viral testing through viruses this weekend. He only indicates that all decisions that allow crow players will only be based on medicine.

Since the raid is unable to get a new stadium in Auckland, this urged Davis to move the team. In addition, it is necessary to move the Los Angeles failure, and Davis is bound to keep the team to Las Vegas.

Davis has bought the Las Vegas raid man website in 1999

Do you think that the raid is relocated from Oakland to Las Vegas is the new idea of ​​Mark Mark Davis? In fact, I have begun this dream early in 1999.

The bear will hire the front tiger attack coordinator Bill Reze

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, the bear will hire Bill Lazor, the Bill Lazor, which will hire the Bill Lazor.

The result is eventually endless, according to the ESPN reporter reports on Thursday, Green’s will receive groin surgery, so unlimited absent. This is also the third player of 49 people will be missed by the long-term misconduct, and the Jason Verrett and Raheem Mostert have reimbursed due to the knee injury.

With the demand of Denver’s Wild Horse, there is currently speech that John Elway, John Elway, may be convinced as the PEYTON MANING, especially the current giant. The offense coordinator Mike Sullivan is in the Denver interview quarter-to-date.

NFL official website reported in December last year, claimed that the defensive disappearance Justin Smith may have completed the last play of 49 people in San Francisco. However, Digitalmaine.net this 14-year experience is also the old man who is guarding the front line will tell the local media that he plan to make a decision next week. Due to age issues Smith’s decommissioning decision can make people understand. But Willis’s retirement is more surprised.

But Eli has always hoped to retire at the giant, and the new manager has hinted the first quarter of the 2018 season, but this year’s giant has a good draft sign, if Josh Rosen and Sam Dowold ( Sam darnolds will choose to transfer professional stations, then the giants will fall into two difficulties.

Willis and Smith, who are talented and trouble coexist, were once known as high-value players. The new coach Jim-Tom Sola (Jim Tomsula has no doubt will rely on Willis to some extent to open a new era. Willis represents a stable performance. No one can replace Willis, but they have sufficient replacement players in the inner line, including the best lineup of Navorro Bowman and the potential young player Chris Borland (Chris Borland) ). However, the 49-person defensive group will still look great. Before his toes injured, Willis’s entire career was absent from 50 regular games. Smith is just absent 2 regular games.

Lei Ze was 47 years old. In 2019, he leisurely at home, he served as a volunteer consultant for Binzhou State University. In the 2017 season, Lei Zense took office, but the tiger was hit by multiple injuries in that year, the final result can only be considered.

At present, 6 wins and 5-losing crows need Jackson to return to the three-game drain. At present, Hubble is still unwilling to reveal whether Jackson will return. We will know the answer in the next few days.

Andy Abboud, Las Vegas government relations with the vice chairman of the community development told reporters: “When Spring, Davis came here and negotiated with us, you can publish the video we published online. Seeing, and seeing our welfare we promised to the local community, Mark also revealed that he bought the website of Las Vegas raid in 1999. “This is a leading thinking, 1999 Internet Not very popular, Davis thought of this.

Demeco Ryans said: “Everyone can see his efforts, his hug technology, playing way & mdash; & mdash; this is the line guard should be done. He made it for us. Many processes & hellip; & hellip; I am looking forward to seeing Aziz’s starting performance, he will become better and better. “