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Jin En has played a good speed of the average athlete, even if he is widely considered to be the first round of water, he has been fighting for 13 years. The team that he is effective is that there is one of the reasons why he is not honest, but it is not good enough with him.

Nielsen said: “You see, criticize Rogers have two & mdash; & mdash; now it is three people, but there are still hundreds of people boasting him. This does not speak. Those comments I feel funny & hellip; & hellip; he is an excellent leader, we all believe this. Indeed, he is strictly demanding people, I hope that you will do a lot of things, but he is the same for yourself. All elite quadruptions are like this. “

Old will take the outside Tiede – Jin Enchang can still play the heatTED Ginn has been 35 years old. Such an age may be sufficient to make people call him for Xiande Deward, but his name will have “small”. Such an age is also enough to leave some players to leave the venue. But Jin En will not choose this.

In an interview with ESPN reporters, Nelson said: “Everyone knows that criticism can attract attention. People don’t want to hear good words, and prefer to hear the blame to others. So people who criticize more.”

White completed 43 battles in the 2015 season to get 506 yards 1 time. In the free player market, he did not ask him. On the contrary, he could only expect falsen to change his idea and then sign him. However, this did not happen.

At the same time, some people have begun to wonder if Manning will choose to retire after the end of the season. Manning has responded to all such problems on Wednesday: “If the wild horse needs me, I will of course plan to return,” he said to Denver Media.

Although most of his career is a team’s number one take over and is the most stable pass target, his departure is not so beautiful. After gaining more and more opportunities in Julio Jones, Wonard Hankerson has got more and more opportunities.

White creates a history of Falcon’s history in almost every ball data. In 2005, the 27th championship was held by the Falcon selected a total of 171 games, and the 808-year-old ball was taken to get 10863 yards 63 times. In 2010, he was selected for a while, at the time, he ranked 115 games first, and achieved his best 1389 yards.

Pedon Manning: I will return next season.Not unexpected quartz, PeiTon Manning, 4 times in the night game of Sinnati Tiger, 4 times of passing, a bad performance, will let many people start worrying about people. Danfo Yao Ma main coach John Fox (John Fox) did have to say that the wild horse had to say that the wild horses were “not ready to abandon our quarter-off”.

Pirate near Targes Brett: Teaching Tom – Braddy Team Tactics feeling strangeThis week, Tampawan pirate quartz Tom Brady was seen and many new teammates conducted training in a high school in Tampa, one of which shared this training experience.

Last Same Jindan played 16 games (first 9 games) completed 30 batches, completed more than 50 batches in 2016 and 2017. But after the Saint Emmanuel Sanders, he signed Emmanuel Sanders, he was in the saints.

“Now I feel a little strange when he started his pirate player career, because we are almost teaching him our tactics,” Brett is said to be a radio program. “This seems to be in the season in the season, it may be that he taught us to play tactics and his views on the situation on the field.”

It is worth noting that the state of Manning is in fact. (As long as you look at his essence, you have completed many long-pass attacks in the past few weeks, even when the attack on the wild horse is not tacit. At this stage of your own career, Manning only needs teammates to provide more help.

“People don’t want to listen to Alon, but he is not only an excellent quarter-saving, or there is no one-to-object leader, doing things to keep abolving the subject matter. Because this story does not mean? So as long as possible, They will attack players with similar means. “

Judi Nielsen: The criticism of the package workersBeijing February 23rd In the past few years, one of the worships of the packaging workers won the favorite passage target is Jordy Nelson. Lost recently criticized a lot of voice, Nelson didn’t like to see this situation.

For news the detection and treatment of viral test result is positive or who show symptoms of illness, the alliance will provide further information and regulations. In addition, the team went away to other matters, also will be addressed in the future.

But after leaving the package, Jennings and Finley have expressed their dissatisfaction with Rogers, and Finley said that Rogers and teammates “big problems”. Two weeks ago, the original packaging workers defended the end of Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila also slammed Rogers, called him “arrogant”.

Nielsen refers to critics mainly Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley. Both of these people were the goal of Rogers, plus Nelson, and they won the 45th super bowl, and the performance of Rogers is a model.