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9. Detroit Lions yet to decide whether to let Taylor – Deco (Taylor Decker) and Riley – fu (Riley Reiff) the competitive position of left tackle, or let him move to the right tackle position. Although, for now it seems, Deco is faithfully in the position of left tackle. The team had in the pursuit of free agent Russell – when O’Connell (Russell Okung), has revealed an alternative to want to protect the blessing Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) the blind side.

This victory has also ended the giant’s winning record. If Washington defeated 49 in the next game, they also have the first danger of the partition. The red scitch is still in the way to the season, they will return to Arizona in the next week, and host the eagle home.

Wilson served four different outsides, and was copied once, and in the third quarter by the front jet first Geno-Smith, Geno Smith. He has completed 36 passes of 36 times this season, ranking second in the Alliance.

At present, the remaining running guards are this year’s New Show Delhi and Josh Harris. The former is not commonly used in the middle of the road, and Cheap nfl Jerseys the latter is still not There is a mushroom in the game.

Steel man runs 卫 贝尔 重 重 无 无With the Pittsburgh Steel Man, the Run Verrette Bloom, the Bronette Burner will be more pressing the start of the genericity – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) Body.

Bell said in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post: “I really don’t feel pressure. I trained is the goal of this, I will not feel tired or tired in the game. As long as I continue to train and play like it, I’ll be alright.”

Replied Carol (Pete Carroll) interview – Coach Pete: “Bo Saisi is really very different I have never seen a player capable running back and wide receiver at the same time you often either appreciation for a player to run. the ability to move or appreciate his ability to catch. today, we put him out to take over the position, and let him run routes 1-to-1. he looks like any other wide receivers have the same natural skill. he has a very fast speed. In addition, he is very tall palm size is also very standard. for us, he really is priceless. “

Bell won 204 yards in 33 shots on Monday Night. This season’s 22-year-old running guard has taken down 252 times (195 shots, 57th battles). Bell decreased in the rest of the tour, and he didn’t even feel tired in the game, no matter how many times. He said: “I will not worry about how many times will be responsible, I only care about winning the game. So if I was asked to be 50 times in a game, I will do it. And if I only have 8 times Ball, but also won the game, I will be very happy. The most important thing is that we have to win the game. “

Brown expressed gratitude to the retreat of playing opportunities: “I have already widespread a year and a half, I can have a chance to re-participate in training, and I feel very surreal with everyone. Now I will not put these as a matter of course, I will be grateful. “

Snien, which came into the league in 2014, in the past three seasons, tested in Saint Saint. In the first two seasons of the effectiveness of the Saint, he completed 141 battles to get 1879 yards 7 times. But last season was affected by 3 anti-leg injuries, Snide’s performance was sloppy. He only completed 8 codes in 11 games.

Saints have 5 days to match this contract. But they recently signed Cameron Meredith and renewed with Brandon Coleman, so they were unlikely to match crows. If the Sainty chooses to match, then they won’t get any compensation.

6. Washington Redskins trying to put the two rookie Suan – Craven Adams (Su & # 39; a Cravens) Order of the security guard, but the USC star last year will also be built in this heavily Redskins the front (dime and nickel packages) in the column located linebacker & mdash; & mdash; like the Cardinals had “show off their wealth,” excess signed defensive backs (moneybacker, $ ILB) Dieng – Buka Agriculture (Deone Bucannon).

The manifestation of the black panther can also be in the circle, and they complete the reversal win in the fourth session. But Teddy Bridgewater was killed by Dremont, Dre & Rsquo; Mont Jones in the final wave offensive opportunity, and the offensive group failed to get the first attack.

3. Although Myers – Jack (Myles Jack) has been speculation that will assume the role of outside linebacker in the Jaguar, but he was placed in the middle linebacker in training camp in order to better understand the defensive group.

Bell said: “I am a very patient person, the game is on the game. I know that the team will take the time. I will come here. This is what I want to do, I don’t say myself. Very excited, but I will not be disappointed. Let things go on the right track is a process. “

Pieli 3 times any ball shooting attempt, and an additional shooting attempt did not hit. The result of the conveyor allows Viking to change to 6-7, and the playoffs hope almost disappeared. Mike Zimmer is obvious to the infurient of the playing ball, and the next player is probably changed.