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Not only because of Cruze’s injury, he missed 10 games in the 2014 season, not only all the games were absent in the 2015 season, and his performance was also declined. He completed 15 games last season. 586 yards, he seems no longer to adapt to the location of the slot, and Cruze finally column 75th in the final ranks last season.

Fethike once in the preseason, the Jacksonville America and the Chizs City chiefs, but never participated in the regular season. Now the ram will rely on him to complete the playback of the playback in the remaining competitions and playoffs.

Clavite has been the most iron fans in Braddy over the past 20 years. Although Braddy went to pirate, this relationship was not indifferent. In fact, there is a report that it is the longer that Kraf special makes Braddy’s effectiveness than the coach Belichick.

This is a huge loss for the ram. Zullehen’s 38th either ball position column first, and he was 8 times in the 50 yards of any of the 50 yards. In addition, he ranked first in 73 rounds of alliances at 73 times, and the opponent rebuke his kick average only 20.6 yards per time.

Macre’s joining is just a certain extent to supplement the depth of the Eagle’s second-line personnel, and the team does not have any way to make up for the vacancy left by Qifusler. According to informed people, the Hawks are still actively negotiating with Qifusler, but the latter attitude is still firm, will not participate in the team training and competition without new contracts. Up to now, Qifusler has no activities in the Hawks 6 weeks.

McRe is 6 feet high, which has been effective in Miami Dolphins and Tampawan Pirates before joining the chief. This is also a 26-year-old McRe in the last year. McRe has only participated in 31 games, completing 17 times, cheap Jerseys From China and shot twice once.

Sea Eagle Trading Gets Safety Sky MacreSeattle Hawks’ Safety Deeper Deemed by Kam Chancellor Refused to appear, so the team has recently actively seeks the transaction in this location. The local time Saturday, the Hawks finally gave up, the team announced that the Chief of Kansas City was safe and Kelcie Mccray. According to the NFL official website reporter, the Hawow eagle paid a 5-round selection as a trading code.

“I support Tom Brady,” Krafte is expressed in an interview. “I am very excited. We have some great communication. He is a very special person. We can fortunate to have him for 20 years, he is one of the best people I have seen.”

For Wenz and the eagle, fortunately, their opponent cowboy is also plagued by mistakes. Cowboy 4 points – Dinuuch (Ben Dinucci) has twice, the second time, the ball is rushed back and returned to the eagle player, let the cowboy lose points.

“I can behave better, pass the ball to the correct position, but I will not change my radical mentality,” Wenz said. “We have begun to complete some of these long-distance attacks, obviously these offensive today is somewhat abnormal, but the defensive group is great, we have achieved victory.”

Wenz has 4 mistakes in the game leads to the conversion of the ball and mdash; & mdash; 2 passed passed twice twice twice. Two passes of the passing ball is particularly bad, and the radical Wenz is unnecessary to pass the ball to the opponent’s heavy struggle.

Wenz became the third single game for at least 2 times in the third single game for at least 1992, has been copied at least 2 times, and the total amount of proportion of less than 150 yards is still winning the first quarter-saving. The previous two were the 2006 Chicago Bear 4-point Gui Lex-Grossman and 2007 New York Giants Quartz, MANING.

In addition to injuries, Wenz and Eagle performance is their biggest enemy. The Wenz This season has 16 mistakes to hand over the ball, and it is the most alliance. Since 2000, there has been no four-point guard in the first 8 challenges in the season, and it can enter the playoffs after at least 16 mistakes. Fortunately, the overall downturn in Guandian East, so the Eagle has expanded the leading advantage to 1.5 winning scenes after the victory.

Victor – Cruze visits Carolina Black LeopardIn order to solve the problem that the team has always existed, the general manager of the Carolina Black Leopard, Dave Gettleman, metaver, Dave Giant, the front New York Giants, metaver. – Victor Cruz.

“My performance is not good enough, I am very excited, we have achieved victory, but I will watch the video. I have a little frustration for my performance and we can’t do some offensive. We missed some good opportunities, I can become better.”

Eagle quad-dimensional Kakanson – Wenz: Your own performance needs more goodPhiladelphia Eagle is fortunate to face the seven-round show four-way guards who have got a first opportunity for the first time in Sunday. Otherwise, they may lose the ball instead of winning Dallas Cowgirl with 23-9.