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Feng – Miller receives the 50-year super bowl of helmetsSummary FBI Help Tom Brady found lost super bowls. Recently, they sent the 50-year super bowl helmet lost by Denver’s Wild Horse’s Line-Miller (Von miller) to him.

Your Bil-attack coordinator Roman became a crow offensive group assistant coachAlthough the Baltimo crow chooses to leave an offensive coordinator Mornhinweg, they decided to find a way to continue to strengthen an offensive group in the 2016 season, especially the polve of the ball.

Ironically, until Miller knows that Miller knows that his 50-year super bowl is lost, and that game he got 2 kills in the four-point guards of the Black Leopard of Carolina, Cam Netton. And Harvested MVP Honor.

“If you are a (general manager), will you cut me, right?” Veniyerri said. “I can’t make these decisions. This is determined by others. I will try to figure out where I did something wrong and corrected, let others do these decisions.”

“I showed very bad,” Veniyeri said. “Obviously, I am in a good performance today, I am disappointed with my team. They have a good performance. For us, try to go back to the brothers who are proud of the situation … I think this time is 100% of me. Responsibility. You can’t play 3 times when you face lightning, you can’t kick and shoot 3 times and then expect to win. This makes us lose too much score. “

Since the mid-February was cut off, Cruz got the attention of the bear, Jacksonville, and Baltimo, but he just met with the bear team. He did not have a giant scenery from the giant scenery to make him worry, even in this week, he also said that he was in the last season of data, because the giant management intentionally destroyed his season.

Cruz is the fourth place where the bear struck is signed this year’s snap-in. Before they signed the front of the front Pittsborg steel, Markus Wheaton, before Tennesi Titan took hands to Ken Dell Wright and Cruze’s front team Friends Lu Ben-Rueben Randle . They will reinforce the external hand of Kevin White and Cameron Meredith.

The changed first wave is to let Romano join the team to redesign the mushroom opening and punch tactics. The next step is to sign a combination of speed and smart offense and compete with Tenne West and Kenneth Dixon.

September 9th, Carter released a message with his Weibo: “I don’t know if you don’t see the wholesale nfl jerseys American football game. Anyway, I am excited that NFL’s new season is about to start, and NBA will then start. , My Tampawan pirates! Pirate is still good. “

Dunk Wang Carter is the fans of Tampawan piratesVince – Carter is now a Memphis Grizzlies player. The NBA’s old will have been fighting for 18 seasons in NBA, and he has been crowning in the “Dunk King”.

Last month, FBI tracked to the stealing of Brradi’s two super bowls of jerseys and Miller helmets. Time Miller finally received his helmet, Miller received an interview: “I thank FBI and Mexico authorities to work together Help me to find a helmet, I don’t know how you did it, in such a world to find the helmet, but it is really surprised. “

Gronoski: professional bowl needs to change New England Patriots near Termond Rob Gronkowski said in an interview that he is looking forward to some changes in professional bowls. He emphasized that his physical condition does not allow you to stay in Hawaii again after the end of the season.

The professional bowl is originally a competition that gathers the best players in the Alliance, but its competition and value have been controversial. Over the past few years, the Alliance has been trying to adjust the operation of this game, but the role is not significant. Among them, the professional bowls have made the players feel embarrassed. As the best close-end striker, Geloski’s absence is regrettable, but from his own point of view, health is more important than a game.

The crow made an interesting decision. Before the third week, Roman is replaced by Anthony Lyny Lynn, Buffalo Boel is not satisfactory to the leading scorpion offensive last season. On the other hand, Roman led the offensive group of one of the best levels of the league in 49, and 49 people ranked first in the four seasons of 49 people’s offensive coordinators. .

Indiana Polisi, who is going to the history of the Best Kicks, Polys, Parmat, Adam Vinatieri, has completed the key shooting in the case of huge pressure, but he is in the team’s first battle Poor performance.

Cruz has been stable after the position of the bear team and is a unknown number, which will be determined by the fierce training camp. But he joined the bear team to let him have the opportunity to rewrite his career after suffering after being injured.

Gronoski said: “This game may have to do some changes. I mean that after ending the season, you still need to fly to Hawaii. At that time, I didn’t even go down. Walking. Before that game, I was hit about 20 times. “