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Bechcher said: “We know that he is extremely rich, you can rush from a variety of angles, you can get a lot of strong players, and willing to accept what we are responsible. I really like to feel with him, as a player He is grinding skills and makes yourself more powerful. “

Bell advanced more than 9200 yards in five years of steel person, and the best lineup was selected. He signed a 4-year 52.5 million US dollars in 2019, but the shock of the shock of the squad last year is only 789 yards, which is low in his career. Jet Integrated Offensive Code Rank League countdown first.

MUN is this for the first time to describe: “At the time, I saw him asking what you did? He said that I made a beautiful football, the bathroom, I said: Cool, which university? He said: No, I am a professional Player. I said: Cool, what are you playing? Similar to this dialogue, I didn’t know that he was a super bowl of MVP. “” But I saw his charming, so I didn’t care about him. What is it? “

This is no longer the first game of the season, last week’s New York jet against the battle of Arraoebel, due to the snow, the Skirus, has conducted Monday Night. However, this time is different, because only 12 miles from the main scene of the ram, all changes may occur. The Kansas chief recently changed a home game to the home court of Denver’s wild horses, so there is no reason to determine that the game will not change.

Their Kangna-Barth completed 5 perfect kicks, and their running guard CJ Anderson completed 168 yard running balls, and pushed 5.3 yards, and took a 15 yard. The victory of the game, the victory of this game helped the wild horses to complete the record of 9 wins and 3, became the first place in the Melan West, and they have settled over 6 consecutive games.

“I have always been forced to succeed. At the university, I entered NFL. After entering the league, I became the strongest running guard. I started to say that” Levie is the strongest running guard “of the league; I didn’t stop working hard, but It seems that the mentality has changed. “

Fernology was 27 years old. During the university, he had already hit the outer line of the three-way guards in the 3-4 system. The career is also the same as the same position in the dolphin in the past four years.

Giants expect outside the outside, Wei Shuiong leadership team

In the 3-4 system of the defensive coordinator James Bettcher, Olivier Vernon is a very important puzzle. The team hopes to rely on him to improve the rush, so that only the performance of 32 killing is no longer repeated.

Denver wild horse offensive group increases one weapon

PEYTON MANING Bed on Sunday, the Denver Homa was defeated with Kansas Chief at 29-16, and he passed 2 reacons, but he was not the biggest hero of wild horses, their running guard cj Anderson (CJ) Anderson completed the sports ball propulsion of single 168.

The giant announced the signed an external hand-Shepard, which was cut off by Carolina Black Leopard last week. This contract is 1 year, worth 1.3 million US dollars, counts the prize up to $ 2 million.

Bell’s current weight is in the range of 210-215 pounds, which is his most weight and weight since high school. He believes that he is still very good last year, but “there is no level”. So at the end of May, Bell decided to increase the training frequency and strength.

Xie Pard was started in 3 games last season and completed 17 battles. In 2013, he entered the league in 2013. He has started in Tampawan pirates for 4 seasons. Career completed 47 cents to get 634 yards 4 times.

The possibility of re-selection competition is small, but Indianapolis’s stadium staff said they are required to prepare for a Monday night. The official Security Department spokesman said that we will stand at any time.

The main role in Giant Xie Pud may be a team player. But he also has the opportunity to enter the external handwheel. In addition to Odel Beckham and Stirling Shepard except for Odell Beckham, it is unknown outside of Sterling Shepard.

The game of raids and rams may be immigrants

The NFL Union is considering the migration of Sunday Auckland raids and St. Louis ram to Indianapolis, because persistent violent protests in Ferguson in Missouri.

Mun: I don’t know who is Rogers at first glance.

We all know that women like four-point guard, but sometimes women like four-point guard, I don’t know who is four defigners. Olivia Munn is a living example.

Compared with the Alex Smith, Https:// Alex Smith completed 153 yards and 2 reachaes, their star running Jamaal Charles completed 35 yards, relying on Charles Stabilizing the Emirates insisted on the fourth quarter, but due to the failure of Smith’s 2 points, it gave a major victory in the wild horse.