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Bill defensive cututus Dulaus is dissatisfied with the constant negotiation

Professional Bowl Defensive Dragonfly Massell Dareus is disappointed with the latest renewal conditions of Buffalo, and wholesale jerseys online he is in the team’s 11-10 defending Cleveland Brown season. It means that Bill is in negotiations “make things difficult”.

“And this really makes me unhappy,” Daolus told the media. “I feel that they are not really wanting me to stay in the team.”

According to the informed news report, Bill has already given the contract for Dushi to expect a contract wholesale jerseys for sale cheap jerseys for sale 6 years worth more than $ 90 million, which will give him average annual average $ 15 million salary.

But Dhalus wants a number of $ 114 million contracts with Miami Dolphin defending Dama-Supong Suh. When he was asked by the media, there was a definite number in his heart, Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Dacouus responded, “I just want to say,” Thank you, Su. & Rsquo; “

Daolus thought that Bill did not realize his value correctly in the contract negotiation. This career has entered the fifth year’s defensive cutout has entered the contract year. He is the 2011 exploration show and two degrees to choose a professional bowl.

“We are still waiting,” Daolus said. “I feel that they don’t want to stay in the team like me, don’t stay like the fans, so I hope I will stay in the team like my team. I feel that they are saying, & lsquo; no matter how, you are more players Serve. & Rsquo; “