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[A version of the column] The final prediction of the 2019 ~ 2020 season

The dust during the break is still in front of him. It will usher in the new season immediately. The hundred years wholesale nfl jerseys from china is like the arrow. When I simulate 256 regular games, I got this year’s wholesale nfl jerseys online‘s ultimate predict:

First, all the regular season predictions:

Meidian East District

The patriot is not a few words; Bill and dolphins are limited, they are destined to run, even if dolphins get Judewen-Clause, it may be difficult to become a competition for the playoffs. The largest variable from the United States, from the jet: Darnod entered the second grade, signed the Levian-Bell and CJ Mosley, the audition sign, the most powerful Kunan – Williams, plus the coach The rise of “New Belipk” Adam – Gates, jets will change the situation of the “three dishes and one soup” of the United States.

Survey: Patriot 13-3; Jet 10-6; Bill 5-11; Dolphin 4-12

Miranean District

The strongest pony in its own paper bid farewell to Rak, the Jigu defending group is an important one-ring Telf-Smith, Nick Falls leaving the eagle “secondary entrepreneur”, plus Titan’s biography The ball attack is increasingly difficult to form a threat. It seems that the Texas in the near future of the attacking group has the strongest firepower, although the defensive group is returned, but this does not hinder the Dezhou defending Meijin.

Comradic prediction: Texas 9-7; Jagua 7-9; Titan 7-9; Pony 5-11

Melase West District

The semi-defensive group is reform, and the attack and defense warrants are basically maintained. The ticket is not big in a season of the playoffs; the raid people look into the strength of the paper, but there are too many teams, and there are many problems, plus A drama coach Grunette, the “circus” team destined to achieve good results; lightning encountered Delwen James’s injury and Melwin Gordon’s dismissal, the strength has dropped slightly, but the horses roots There is a chance to compete for an external card; the wild horses are limited to the offensive group is too bad, it is difficult to have partition competitiveness.

Survey: Emirates 11-5; Lightning 9-7; Assistant 7-9; Wild Horse 6-10

Mei Lianbei District

Tiger’s AJ Green is heavy, and the steel person lost Brown and Bell, the crow lost Vlaco, Sags and Mosley, the three team strengths were declining; the gradually rising last season has reached the Beckham, Kari M-Hunter, Olivier – Fernology and Shelton – Richardson, etc., the strength is unquestionable, no matter how bleak the history of the Brown New Century, but the times they ruled the north of the north. The reversal arrival.

Comradic prediction: Brown 11-5; steel man 8-8; crow 8-8; Tiger 4-12

Guoxong District

Bible guard group reinforcing cowboy should lead the partition, can make the team’s future of the team, Prescot is trying to prove that he is worthy of the name “Mr.”, but Losing Elliott’s cowbike is difficult to break all the power, but there is a stable eagle will win back to their signature quartz, San Wenz, should have the opportunity to grab the national earth from the hand; Giants and Hongki, two quarter-saving sanquen when I went to the grass, and the old leadership into the Emperor’s good drama is worthy of attention.

Comradic prediction: Eagle 11-5; Cowboy 10-6; Giants 5-11; Red Leather 4-12

Guohuan District

Saints have the most complete offensive and defense, the most complete game experience, they know how to stay in the regular season, so regular season will never be their ultimate goal; for Falcon and Black Leopard, their overall strength There is no obvious lift, they are still a powerful competegy for the KD, maybe one or two wins may determine their future play, and the pirates hope to rebuild under the leadership of the old handsome Alius, but I am afraid that it is difficult to quickly get out of the quagmire this season.

Comradic prediction: Saint 13-3; Falcon 9-7; Black Leopard 8-8; Pirate 6-10

Guohi West District

The ram has lost several main force, but it is not difficult to dominate china jerseys, and Galley’s injury will determine the upper limit of the ram; the Sea Eagle has been retreatful, from the card Shanghai Eagle is not like a season The competition team is equipped, but the system and core can still support them impact the playoffs; the four-nine-nine-year-off schedule movement is psychedelic, and the preseason has already seen the “Kingsbri Murray Trial” It is possible to end in failure.

Comradic prediction: Ram 12-4; Haiying 10-6; 49 people 4-12; Sapphire 3-13

Guojie North District

The powerful bear team with the powerful team has not found the opponent in the north. It should be able to successfully grab the north and compete for the name of the country; so that the other three teams, the Viking people are not very stable, but the defensive group is tough, The ball attack of the lion has been degraded to the point where the packaging is still uniform, and the packaging work is not uniform. The packaging workers have difficulty re-reorganizing the defensive group to win more competitions.

Comradic prediction: Xiong 12-4; Viking 10-6; Lion 8-8; Package Worker 7-9

Second, the playoff forecast:

United States: 1 Patriot, 2 Brown, 3 chief, 4 Texas, 5 jet, 6 lightning

The balance and experience of the patriot, the fireworks of the chieftain, the first time, the United States, the United States, should still last year’s old drama & mdash; & mdash; patriot war chief, you can think fine, Brown has the best way to speed, defend The group has the top-level rushing of the alliance. If you are willing to ignore the experience in the playoffs, then the biggest popular non-panui, but Brown.

Country 1: 1 Saint, 2 bear, 3 ram, 4 eagle, 5 Viking, 6 Hawks

Compared with the intensity of the Sain, the other competitors of the National Union have some fatal weaknesses: Trousbuski’s stability, the pavement of the ram, the pavement of the eagle, almost no star defect, the silver diarrhea A smooth attack can always help them spend the difficulties. If you win the home advantage, the Kingdom should have no team to be the opponent of the saints.

Super bowl prediction

The prediction of the ultimate super bowl, in fact, Whether it is a patriot, Brown or a chief, it is not the opponent of the saints according to the lineup, and the past two years later, the saints have experienced the “Viking Miracle” respectively. And the two gods of the “Ignance of Identity Jound Charles”, according to the “Character Conservation Law”, the germanity of the football should “also” give a super bowl of the saints, as Brisker’s retirement gift.

Third, the major award prediction:

Best Coach Award

Every year, the best coach award is generally two indicators: First, the number of winners is big, and the second is at least 10 wins, so use such standards, who is more winning? Although the Brown has been won last season, it has a lot of space, but it is not expected to win 10+ wins and entered the playoffs. Plus the team to return to the race in the season after 17 years. It is difficult for the judges to give the ballot to Brown Jojo Freddy-Kiqinz.

In addition to Kiqixes, due to the bad record of the jet and raid last season, Adam Gates and Qiongden also have the opportunity to greatly enhance the record, and the other Pony Frank-Lake can lose Rock In the case of returning to the playoffs, this is also unforgettable.

Dongshan again award

Since last season player’s injury is well controlled, this year this year’s competition is much smaller than last year, the injured Carson-Wenz, Jimmy-Garobolo and Earl-Thomas, plus a tetan Levian – Bell will be the largest competitor.

Because Gain is not good at tuning road attack, Levian-Bell can return to Dongshan still not known, and he selection last season for one year, the alliance will not encourage such “Dongshan again”; Calibolo and 49 people status Worrying, Earl Thomas is hard to brush data, in a comprehensive, most likely the award is the trickson – Wenz, after all he is still in the peak of the competitive state, the eagle team status can also help The top of the next level, if you can complete the transfer of 4000+ code 30+ Deta, Dongshan will then get a lot of prizes.

Best offensive group rookie

If you want to get the OROY award, you can take a stable play time to get enough data. According to the lineup table of today’s teams, it seems that only the red scitch quartz, Make-Murray and the raid, Journey to Jose, Ya Each Bus has sufficient appearance time. If you are not injured, Murray can fill 16 first hair, get stable data, but according to the last second, three weeks, Murray’s performance is called four words & mdash; & mdash; protagonal, tactics unable Improve the witness of Murray body with no legacy. As a raid, Jacobs acts as a hunting guard, and the scorpion is available, but if the raid is often behind, I believe that Jacobs will not get too much offensive authority, and the only condition for running the Great Award is Data explosion.

Who is the real candidate in my mind? The giant’s six show Daniel Jones, he showed the maturity of the age and the premiere of the audience, and the superstar potential, with the current attack and defense power, as well as the coach Padmmer Urgent to keep the handsome psychology, I believe that Irai is less than four or five weeks, then the Jones is on, complete the final award of the Passing Data similar to Murray, and achieve the giant team.

Best defensive group rookie

Droy Awards come to prefer the wire guard, once the other positions are not commendable, the line must brush out 100+ times, it is very likely to win, according to this standard, the steel man’s German-Bush and the pirate German-White is now The Commission is responsible to seeing them will complete the pretty beautiful data.

But in fact, the defensive end of the Ji’an Tiger shows a quite fierce competition in the preseason, the first step is fast, as if the weather is arrogant, live away from the young von Miller, plus America The tiger’s overall rush is powerful, and the private thoughts will complete the data similar to 13.5 killing, and eventually snatched the best defensive group.

Best offensive group player

This award is almost simply looks at the attack data, like the Fanteri football game, so the real competitor of this award is almost only the high-level concentrated players of the ball: the chief of Mahms, the giant’s Saiquin – Buckley, Black The Leopard McCrere and Texas Hopkins, and the Saint Kamara and Michael Thomas are hard to win. Using the exclusion method, the external hand is very difficult to win, Hopkins are excluded; the black panther is very fast, McCaffrey is difficult to brush, exclude, so real competitors only Marhms And Buckley.

Because the chief pavement offensive, the burden of Mahms is heavier, and the data similar to the 5000 yards similar to the season is not in the words, but the copying last season will be different for the shock of the judges, unless Mahms It can be more on the next level; Barkeley has completed the 2000 yards of the squid in the last season, this season Xiaoshi is more exaggerated, and the ball and the ball are more exaggerated. Thousands of non-fantasies, if you can reach 20 reaches, the judges will give most of the ballotes to Buckli, or even hope to compete with MVP.

Best defensive group player

If the player’s hard strength, Alon Donald Sanlianzhuang is coming, but the public will also have aesthetically fatigue, plus the team at the end of the season has begun to cover Donald, I want to grab the dpoy, I don’t want to imagine it. . The bear’s Calier Mark is another hot, but the stability he played is like the clouds in the sky. I don’t know which rain is rain.

The “big foot monsted” Miles-Gret, the age of 24, is still progressing, plus the top of Brown, there are a lot of brush, the other party is difficult to cover the bag, which looks this third-grade champion. Show will complete data similar to 18 killing and rely on Brown’s impression, and finally favored by the judges.


Many people are willing to believe that “Xuan Ming two old” Braddy and Bris will eventually take a MVP trophy because they have got outstanding records, but in fact, this trophy requires adequate data support, and now the two old levels have been disdainable In the regular season, the two old prizes are not high.

Instead, the young Wenz and Marhms have the opportunity to complete the beautiful data. Personally, the team’s attack is completely biased toward the attack on the attack, “Forced” to complete the data similar to last season, the chief won at least the partition champion, Mahmus will become the sixth defending MVP in history, the tenth Multiple players who have won MVP, becoming a recognized first person.