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[Star Guide] # 13: Christian – McAfri’s 8 sides, do you know?

Beijing November 9th, the 10th week of regular season, on Thursday, the Carolina Black Panther will take away the Pittsburgh Steel Man. It seems that this will be the only night match in the first game of the Black Panther.

There is no doubt that the facade of the Black Panther is a four-point guards, but Charlotte’s fans are gradually conquered by a white guy from Colorado. Christian – McCaffli, with all-round meals and handsome appearance, have become the most trusted ball goal of Newton.

Yes, you have not mistisred! Although it is not a genuine trip, the McCaffli of the Division is more popular than the black panther. This head is not high, with Carrim Hunter, Alquin-Kamara, has become a leader of the Alliance “Double Vanish”.

[Panther New Piano Prince]

The family-in-law McCaffli accepted the art influence of the Easy, and the piano played a truth. During the university, McCaverry’s unique skills took him from a dry muscle stick. It’s even more. bomb? Many players may have never thought about it.

However, the world is so smart, McCaffli is not the only player who will play the piano, or even the only dance running between the black and white. & Mdash; & mdash; looks like the five three-thick Jonathan – Sturt is the piano prince . After being selected by the black panther, McCaffli was selected, not only the position of Stewart first-running guard, but also took away the status of “Piano Prince”.

[The guy was raised by a girl]

A boy may be filled with laughter, but two boys may take the roof. McAfri’s mother thought when he was in his pregnancy. “This is a girl.” However, McCaverry broke the fantasy of Lisa, and she admitted that he was born in Christian. When I was crying.

The situation is such a situation, but the pink slippers prepared for the little baby can not be thrown! So Wheat Carri’s young man is wearing a pink slippers.

[A family is athletes]

Lisa’s expectations of daughters have not changed, but old days should have not heard her prayers. Christian – McCaverry In addition to a brother Mechac, there are two younger brother Dillen and Luke. The brothers play football, and maybe we will see the McCaffri family in wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping.

The new generation of McCaffli’s sports genes come from the blood inheritance of the previous generation. Father Ed may be the best white outside of the wild horse, uncle Bill and Grant-Hill, Lertner took the NCAA championship. Mother Lisa is the main player of Stanford University Women’s Football Team.

But McCaffli’s straight affairs, the best athletes are still his grandfather David. Xim once held a 10m world record. In the 1960 Olympics, Simon won the silver medal of 100 meters.

[There is no impression]

Although the grandfather is such an excellent athlete, he is not a good elder. Lisa recalls that David-Simon is often alcohol and often uses domestic violence cheap nfl jerseys from china time to time. After the age, David has never seen any game of the grandchildren, “he can’t even remember the smallest grandson’s name.”

In view of this, you can understand why a reporter wrote “David DNA in McCaffli”, Lisa will be so angry: “If my child is like my father , Then I feel that I have failed as my mother. “

[Favorite playing magical baby]

I can’t think of Xiaobian, I can’t think of McCaverry, the game will be “pokemongo”! In fact, McCaverry is once addictive to capture the pleasure of the elf. So he said to the interview with his reporter: “I am so happy that you are here, forced I break the addiction of Pikachi.”

[Devoted Catholics]

Christian – McCaverry is a devout Catholic. If you know English, you know how cold it is. In 2013, McCaffli once went to Rwanda to serve the missionary. The attitude toward God is also in his celebration. “I always knock down five, then the finger sky.”

[Beyond Idol Sanders]

McCaffli is destined to be an running guard. A poster of a lion legend running 卫 巴 – Sanders in his bedroom. In the 2015 season, McCaffli broke the total number of single-season total number of Sunders 3864 yards. This is the season of Sanders runs out of 2000 yards.

[Double can be the warpage]

Although the age is still light, McCaverry has been with Carim Hunter, Alquin Kamara, and has become a representative of the Alliance to run “double energy”. However, for McCaffli, it is actually derived from the experience of his father Ed in the alliance.

McCaffli frankly, his father’s career made him understand that the league is not so friendly for his external connections. “They (professional alliance coaches and scouts) value real data more. If you don’t have a 40 yards of 4.4 and 188 cm, then you can only use the spare tires at an external hand.”

Handsome chief can always attract the attention of magnesium light. Christian – McCaffli, are you ready to know him? Beijing time November 9 9: 20, cheap nfl jerseys from china China and Tencent Sports, witness with you!