Understanding the different types of burglar alarm systems

There are many different kinds of burglar alarm systems available. Choose one according to your needs and requirements.

Advanced motion sensors: These sensors work by emitting a beam of light through the passageway of your house. When someone passes through the light, the beam is interrupted, thereby triggering the alarm.

Basic motion detectors: Motion detectors work by emitting radar waves throughout the room. The functioning of basic motion detectors is similar to the door of a supermarket. When you approach the door, the radio waves are emitted back to the sensors on the top of the door in an irregular pattern, which opens the door. In the case of motion sensors, it triggers an alarm.

Circuit alarms: There are two types of circuit alarm systems – Open and closed circuits. Open circuit alarms are rarely used as thieves simply have to cut the wires to prevent the current passing through. On the other hand, a closed circuit system functions by triggering an alarm when the current is cut as soon as a window or door is opened.

PIR motion sensors: These sensors work by monitoring the room. Although the heat waves in a room vary, these alarms trigger only when there is a rapid heat rise. A normal human body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit while an empty room might only be 60 or 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If a rapid rise is detected, an alarm will be triggered.

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