Burglar alarms – helping you to stay protected

Thieves are present just about everywhere nowadays, and one of the only ways of beating them is by taking appropriate security measures- such as burglar alarms.

Functioning of burglar alarms

Burglar alarms generally come in three different types. Each of these burglar alarm systems differs in functionality.

As the name suggests, burglar alarms protect the home from potential thieves by deterring them through sounding an alarm.

PIR system: With the increasing number of robberies, it is understandable that people are concerned about the safety of their homes and belongings. Basic burglar alarms use a PIR or Passive Infrared Motion sensor on the windows and doors. These sensors are connected to a control unit through low voltage hardwires or a RF narrowband signal.

Types: Burglar alarms come in various types- including small, self contained and quiet systems, as well as more sophisticated models with a multi zoning system.

Some modern burglar alarms can also be used as fire or smoke alarms simultaneously, which makes them a doubly useful investment.

Enjoy enhanced protection for your property and enhanced peace of mind with modern burglar alarms.

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