The various features of commercial alarm systems

Commercial alarm systems are an important investment for any firm as they can give you complete peace of mind that the protection of your business is being taken care of. There are plenty of benefits to installing the latest equipment on your premises. Some of these are described below.

24 hour alarm monitoring

For the constant monitoring of your business, this is the best security decision you will make. Should the alarm ever be activated then you will be informed straight away.

Key-holder response

Upon activation of the alarm system, your premises will be contacted to determine if it is a false alarm or not. The key-holders will be notified of the situation.

Police response

If the alarm activation is the result of an intruder attempting to break into your business premises, then the police will be called directly. This allows for a swift response from the police and means you won’t have to spend time trying to get in contact with them yourself.

Regular inspections of the alarm system

Another key benefit of having such an alarm system installed by the security experts means that the equipment will be checked bi-annually to ensure it is working correctly. This is all part of the service and any problems found as a result of wear and tear will be fixed at no cost to your company.

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