Hike in number of Hertsmere burglaries

Statistics presented to councillors at a meeting in the Hertfordshire borough of Hertsmere this week showed that there had been a rapid rise in burglaries over the past year.

The crime figures suggested that thefts from homes and dwellings had risen by over 23 percent, despite only a slight increase in the overall crime rate (at one and a half percent).

Chief Inspector of the police force Sue Jameson revealed the findings to the Resources Scrutiny Committee.

She later spoke about the burglary incidents and how the police have tackled crime in Borehamwood when she said:

“We’ve had a number of burglaries that are linked together, that we believe have been committed by the same people.

“As a result of that we have done a lot of work using our intelligence systems to drive some proactive work.

“Following that, we made three arrests, which has seen a noticeable drop. The challenge now is to sustain this current low level of activity.”

Burglaries are a problem for many communities up and down the country, so wherever you live it is necessary to consider your home security by installing such things as burglar alarms and monitoring systems to ward off criminals from attempting to break into your property.

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