Police increase efforts to catch burglars in Burton

Detectives in Staffordshire have stepped up their patrols and have warned residents in Stapenhill about remaining vigilant due to the rise in the recent number of burglaries in the area.

It has been revealed that around seven homes and a pub have been targeted by criminals with the space of just nine days.

Burton Police have ensured that their patrols in the area are highly visible and have reassured the locals that they are doing all they can to catch the offenders.

Sergeant Richard Crinson explained that the police were doing all they could in their investigations and intelligence work into the recent incidents.

He said:

“We have had a number of burglaries in Stapenhill and in the same area in streets located near enough next to each other.

“We again want to appeal to homeowners to ensure all their doors are locked at all times, make sure security lights are working, and ensure your home is not an easy target for thieves.

“Almost half of these offences have been committed due to unlocked doors.

“We have further stepped up our patrols in these particular areas to reassure residents and to make our presence noticed.

“We have sent letters to all homeowners informing them of the issue and providing details of officers they can contact if they suspect anything or see anyone hanging around acting suspiciously. We also urge people to keep valuable items out of sight at all times.”

If you are worried that your property may not be sufficiently protected against the threat of break-ins, you need to consider the installation of home alarms and home security systems.

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