Police in Merton launch operation to combat rise in house burglaries

It has been revealed that a new initiative is now underway in Merton, a borough of London, to target the recent increase in crime where burglars have been breaking into a number of homes.

Thieves have been gaining access to the properties by way of their sliding patio doors, which have been forced open.

‘Operation Wellington: Give Burglars the Boot’ has been in action since last Monday when Merton police described how they will be going about tackling this recent spate of breaking and entering incidents in the area.

As burglars have been breaking in to these residencies by targeting the rear of the building, Merton police have issued a warning about how home security can be improved.

Detective Sergeant Theresa Foster, of the Burglary and Robbery Investigation Team (BRIT), said:

“If you have a sliding patio door, don’t just rely on the central lock supplied – why not fit extra security locks to the top and bottoms of the opening section of the patio door, and check your door has an anti-lifting device.

“If the glass isn’t laminated, fit an appropriate window film which does the job. All these items are easily available from any DIY store for a few pounds, and might help bring your house insurance costs down.”

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