Working to safeguard your property (Part 1)

Although it is impossible to completely remove the threat of danger when it comes to the security of the home, there are a number of things you can do to significantly reduce this risk to your family and the possessions you own.

As well as an effective home security system there are other ways you can put off any would-be burglar who is looking for an easy target in your area. As criminals basically want to carry out the theft undetected, they will search for homes with the least security measures in place.

Just consider the outside of your property for a moment. Do you have any ladders or equipment lying around that could aid a burglar in gaining entry into your house? Another point to consider is that a high proportion of intruders break in to a home through a back window, so make sure that all downstairs windows, and those which can be easily accessed upstairs, are fitted with locks.

With regards to the valuables in your home, you should mark them with an ultra-violet pen so that should they be stolen and later recovered, the police can trace them back to you.

In the next article we will be looking at other precautions you can consider in order to ward off thieves from breaking into your home.

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