How burglar alarms function

Burglar alarms are a must today to give our homes the necessary protection. The different components of a burglar alarm are the control panel, window and door contacts, a siren and motion detectors.

Every component of the alarm system is connected to the control panel by wires or wirelessly. There can be various different zones in an alarm system, which might be individual rooms. The central panel gathers signals from the different zones and transmits them to a centre. The monitoring centre is able to communicate with the central panel as they are connected via the phone line.

How to set up burglar alarms

One can activate the alarm system by entering a numeric code via the keypad. Once the alarm system is set, there is a period of time, usually several seconds, in which you need to exit the home. When you are entering your home you need to type in the code to deactivate the alarm system. If an incorrect code is keyed in then a signal can be sent to the system’s monitoring centre.

Burglar alarms can be set off when someone tries to open a window or door or through activation of a motion detector. The component sends a signal to the control panel, which triggers the alarm. Thus, burglar alarms can provide effective protection to your home and your valuables.

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