Burglar alarms – Keep intruders away

Burglar alarms and security systems are cost effective and smart investments when it comes to protecting our homes. There are two types of basic burglar alarms. One type of burglar alarm helps in monitoring a forced entry by the intruder. Another type sets off the alarm system when someone tries to enter the home.

People can install a security device at the door or the window that can help detect any intruder trying to enter the home. It works like an electric circuit. It functions similar to a flashlight in which the light turns on when you push a button. This is because you connect the electric circuit by pushing the button. An exterior type of burglar alarm will give out a signal only when the circuit is broken.

The workings of burglar alarms

To detect intruders once they are inside your home, you need to install motion detectors. Motion detectors are very common today and are a practical solution. The motion detector functions similar to a door that opens automatically. The device gives out microwave energy and senses the microwave energy that comes back. Thus when a person approaches the door, the device is able to sense the presence and the door opens.

In case of burglar alarms it will react in a certain way if a person enters the room. During an intrusion the motion detector will send out a distress signal to the central panel of the security system. Burglar alarms can react in various ways. They can dial out for help, flash your outdoor lights or sound a siren.

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