Burglar alarms – Six steps for selecting the right company

Burglar alarms are installed by many home-owners in the UK to enhance the security of their homes. It has become more of a necessity than luxury to install burglar alarms. If you are looking for burglar alarms, then the following information can help you buy one from a reputable source.


You can consult your family members, friends and also your insurance company for referrals. They will provide you a good list of firms dealing with burglar alarms.

Research the company

If the company has a website, take a look at the information offered by the company online to make sure they fit your needs and requirements. You can also look for independent reviews for more reassurances.

NSI approved

Enquire whether they are an NSI (NACOSS) approved company. They should have the right skill and technical know-how to install burglar alarms correctly.

Contact the company

Once you have the listing, call the security company directly. When you call them you can ask them to send a representative to your place for a survey, or even give you a quick survey over the phone. This will help to ensure you get the right security package for your company.

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