Marriage certificate apostille and attestation – Get marriage certificate verified to travel abroad with spouse

marriage certificate apostille and attestation

The importance of getting documents apostilled and attested is second to none. Unless your documents and certificates are verified and authenticated by the respective departments, you cannot get a visa to travel abroad. It is an inevitable process for people who wish to travel abroad.  Attestation and apostille, both are done to prove the legitimacy of the documents and the person travelling abroad. The only difference between the two is the approach of completing the process.

Attestation of document requires you to get documents attested at different departments of the government. It involves a series of steps and takes a lot of time. While on the other hand, apostille is all about getting a sticker or stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs. Apostille is valid only for the countries that are the part of the Hague Convention. Nations that are the part the part of the Hague Convention accept the documents and certificates attested in one nation.

Both attestation and apostille of documents and certificates hold great importance. It can be done properly only if you have produced all complete and original documents. to avoid any kind of trouble or delay in the attestation process, it is strongly suggested that you submit only complete and original certificates and documents.

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