How to legalise electronically issued certificates and documents with the apostille?

Apostille refers to a simple procedure that could involve a single PC generated stamp with a unique number that is verified by the country for checking the credibility of the documents and certificates online. This is different from the traditional procedures of document attestation. It is more straightforward and easy to get apostille attestation done in Delhi or anywhere in India. Reading further you will get to know how to legalise electronically issued certificates and documents with the apostille.  So, before you decide to go to any foreign nation, ensure you have done apostille attestation.

The advancement of the technology has opened doors of opportunities for a large number of people. As a matter of fact, a large number of documents and certificates are now issued online or electronically. In recent years, an increasing number of organizations, specifically government departments have indicated the biggest shift. This also includes Companies House, HMRC and Courts issuing most documents electronically. The problem when legalizing documents and certificates is the apostille and it is physically attached to the certificate or document. Now the question is how can the apostille be done for an electronically issued document?

HMRC Documents
All the papers and documents that are issued by the HMRC such as letters of tax calculations, or residence were traditionally stamped and signed bya personnel at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). However things changed with the introduction of online tax filing. Now HMRC have started issuing documents electronically with computer generated stamps and signatures. To issue the apostille, the documents need certification from a Notary Public or a Solicitor. You can hire a professional attestation agency for legalizing HMRC documents with the apostille attestation certificate.

Court Documents
Traditionally, court documents and papers were issued with a black or red ink stamp on the paper. Also, they would have the seal of Grant of Probate document including an embossed or the signature of a Judge. While the fact remains that some documents are still issued in the similar format, a large number of court papers are also issued with a digitally generated court seal or stamp. In this particular scenario, the documents have to be certified by a Notary Public or Solicitor before issuing of the apostille.

Other Documents
In addition to the above slated, there are several other types of certificates and documents that you have to get apostilled in case you are planning to travel to a Hague member country. Remember one thing – if you get your documents apostilled from one Hague member nation then they are valid from other member countries too. Be it educational, non-educational, commercial or personal documents, it is imperative to get them all apostilled to make your abroad travel hassle-free and simple.

The best way to make the entire apostille process simple is by counting on the services provided by professional attestation agencies. You can easily find such firms providing apostille attestation in Delhi or anywhere in India by just running an online. Count on one such firm and rest assured you can make your travel memorable.