Your 2021 Money Horoscope


Poring over what your zodiac sign really means is second nature to some of us, but there could also be some interesting tidbits about the future within your money horoscope. It might not be as juicy as finding out whether you’re compatible with a potential new love interest, but knowing how your personality handles money can be entertaining—and maybe even mildly telling—depending on how much you buy into astrology as a concept

It’s not that zodiac signs offer concrete answers about a person’s behaviors, but according to some astrologers, they may be useful in providing a bit of potential context based on the cosmos (which have been around a lot longer than any of us).

“When it comes to practicality, observing the Earth-attuned houses of your natal chart is key,” says astrologer Julia Modorsky of Sanctuary, a popular horoscope app and truly delightful Instagram account. “The second house is the area of values—financial, spiritual, personal, what you find valuable in life—as well as self-worth, security, and natural rhythm. The sixth house is the area of our daily routine, our health, and the analytical consciousness, with the tenth house signifying the most publicly visible part of your chart—career and recognition.”

Read on for Modorsky’s intel about your money horoscope for 2021.


With Uranus in your financial zone, it’s time to awaken and revolutionize this area in your life. It’s possible there can be a feeling of restlessness, so be careful to look before you leap into overindulging in what you personally find luxurious. Still, don’t let that stop you from treating yourself from time to time. It’s a year of breakthroughs, elevation, and maybe even an unexpected or exciting surprise that falls squarely within your budget.


You can be quite the multitasker when it comes to making money, so be sure to stay open and adaptable to whatever opportunities come your way. This is a year to mindfully focus on your income, study up on different ways to save, and really develop your sense of self-worth, your well of self-love, and your self-care routine. Embrace your voice, share your ideas (written or aloud), and openly communicate to help make great leaps forward with your finances this year. Originality, freedom of thought, mind, and voice, as well as illuminating teachings (of your interest, whether astrology, yoga, or engineering), can take you far.


With a Cancerian financial zone, riding along on the variety of moods that accompany the Moon is so important, and this means your own Moon sign is in control here. The goal is to feel nourished, comfortable, and emotionally at ease with the constant lunar fluctuations. Utilize your intuition, trust your inner knowing, and let yourself go with the flow, but be careful this doesn’t lead to any impulse spending. You’re in the clear to commit to trustworthy and dependable investments this year—in which you may even find an interest in new technologies with Saturn now in Aquarius.


Now’s the time to invest in your future. Expressing yourself and your creative nature can be one of the most optimal ways to increase cash flow for you. Harness your leadership abilities and your charisma, and make yourself seen in the public eye (TikTok, anyone?). If there’s ever a feeling of confusion or uncertainty about what’s next, trust that clarity will arrive in due time, and allow yourself to breathe deeply and consciously into what the future holds for you—trusting in the resonance of that meditative state.


This is the year to be of service to your greater community, to find innovative ways to help others, to build up exciting new partnerships, and to focus on developing your ideal future. Staying organized, attentive, and hyperaware of your finances—as well as having a realistic day-to-day routine regarding money—can be very beneficial when Virgo is the ruling sign of your financial zone. However, overanalyzing or the desire for perfection can lead to worries, anxiety, or nervousness, so be kind to yourself and ease up on self-critiques. Coast through any potential waves of change within your career (don’t fight the current!), and you’ll find yourself golden amid personal victories, epiphanies, or windfalls.


When it comes to spending money this year, you may find yourself coveting things that bring a sense of peace, harmony, and balance into your life. Something you find calming, aesthetically pleasing, or interestingly designed. Don’t fight those impulses, but look to acquire within reason; this is not the year to go over budget regularly. Instead, it’s a year to focus on major career developments by letting the creative juices flow, shining boldly, and thinking about how you can further increase your finances by providing a service that’s uniquely helpful this year.


It’s possible you’ve been making some groundbreaking investments lately, so continue to transform the way you see money and embrace the power you hold here with Scorpio on the cusp of your financial zone. Your personal sense of empowerment can help you feel stable and secure in life. Use that keen intuition you have when it comes to spotting value—or potential value—and go for it. (Responsibly!) This can be a great year to make purchases to improve or change the atmosphere of your home—even if it’s simply buying a new house plant or two to bring a freshness to your space.


This can be a great period to learn more about investing (do plenty of research before making any financial risks), as well as release old habits around spending, your past beliefs surrounding money, and what isn’t truly of value to you. With this newfound awareness of what you do find valuable, you’ll find yourself feeling much more abundant and free in your financial choices. Continue to follow what brings you a feeling of expansion and joy in life. This is the key to your financial approach.


With Capricorn on the cusp of the financial zone of your chart, it’s time to get serious with your finances. Mature, hard-working, and responsible—that’s you. With Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, now in Aquarius, it can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders this year resulting in a mindset that’s a little less restrictive around money. Let yourself spend freely within reason as you plan for the future, whether that means something immediate like a (responsible) summer trip or a major life change.


You’re the star of the financial show this year, Cap—expect to have some out-of-the-box ideas that may result in financial benefit.  It’s the perfect period to turn your expansive visions into concrete reality, revolutionizing your bank account, and bringing abundance into your life through dedication, commitment, and persistence. Connect with your community, make an online course/blog/shop, don’t shy away from the spotlight, and invest in your creative endeavor.


This year is all about Y-O-U! Now’s the time to truly follow your dreams, breaking past any old structures or boundaries you’ve found to be restrictive or have outgrown. Working in spiritual, soulful, and meditative disciplines can help increase money flow, but be careful if you find yourself caught up in the rosiness of it all or escaping into an alternate reality. Keep the rose-colored shades handy, but remember to take them off now and again so you can be sure you’re living your boundless dreams within actual reality. Translation: Spend mindfully, not wildly.


It’s possible you’ve been feeling very “go, go, go!” with your finances for months—so many commitments, bills, and responsibilities. Don’t ignore that energy, but try to also fuel it by committing to your passions. What lights up your soul from deep within? Can you turn that into a potential project that could have financial reward? This year be cautious that the fiery nature of Mars doesn’t turn into any overzealous spending. An impulse buy here and there can be good for the soul, but too many can cause monetary stress.

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