Emma Stone and Dave McCary Have Reportedly Welcomed Their First Child

The pebble has (allegedly) arrived. Oscar winner Emma Stone has reportedly given birth to her first child with husband Dave McCary. No word yet on the baby’s sex, as the couple has been very private throughout their relationship.

Sources told TMZ that Stone and McCary welcomed their baby on Saturday, March 13, in Los Angeles. News that they were expecting was seemingly confirmed in January, when sources reported the two were happily preparing for a new arrival. Page Six reported the couple married in September 2020, after announcing their engagement in an Instagram post at the end of 2019.

Stone and McCary, a director at Saturday Night Live, met when she hosted the show in 2016. Specifically, McCary directed Stone in the excellent fake commercial “Wells for Boys”—starring the kid from Marriage Story, BTW—advertising special products from Fisher-Price’s new Sensitive Boy line. If Fisher-Price doesn’t send this new baby some kind of gift (if the baby is here!), I will riot. 

Stone told Elle in 2018 that, while she didn’t necessarily envision herself as a mom growing up, she does now. “Then I got older and I was like, I really want to get married, I really want to have kids,” she said. Stone isn’t on social media, so unless McCary or a publicist shares an update, this is likely all we’ll know about the family for a while. Assuming it’s true, a huge congratulations to the new parents!

Fans, meanwhile, will get plenty of fun Emma Stone stuff coming up, because her latest movie, Cruella, hits theaters and Disney+ (Premier Access) in May. The 101 Dalmatians prequel follows a young De Vil (Stone) as she makes her way in London’s seedy fashion underworld, causing havoc and (we assume at some point) developing a real issue with dogs. It looks like The Devil Wears Prada meets Joker meets Maleficent, and we can’t wait.

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