I’ve been doing Bodypump at my gym, where we use light to medium weights and incorporate lots of reps to give the entire body a killer workout!
Some of the exercises (talking about you, squats) can get pretty heavy (weight-wise) so good shoes and non-see-thru pants are a MUST. I particularly love these Nikes because they are so extremely lightweight and they’re perforated so your feet can breath in even the hottest of temps.
And it sort of doesn’t need explaining but let me profess my love for LuluLemon.. Devon bought a pair of pants from there to wear for work, well after about 2 months the back seam started to come undone. He went to our local Lulu store and told them about it and they looked at him, told him to pick another pair, at no charge and most importantly, no questions asked. Not even one.
With that type of customer service, they have a customer for life. The Lulu’s I’ve listed are my all-time favorites and the fact that LuluLemon has brought them back in stock, says a lot! But they won’t last for long so make sure you grab them asap because you never know, once they’re sold out, they usually don’t bring back that same style twice!

These are my top picks for workout gear when I hit the gym:

I hope all of y’all are having a great weekend so far! It’s been beautiful here in Virginia and definitely scorcher but I’ll take that over rain any day!
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xx, tbp

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