Recently, I was going through my entire closet and getting rid of everythingggggg. I mean EVERYTHING. So when I got to my purses, I was scrounging through and found an old Sephora gift card from God only knows when – like what?? I almost threw it away because I just just knew it wouldn’t have any money on it but low and behold – $75 bucks! How I managed to never use it, I will never know haha.
So here’s the review of the goodies that I got… Some good, some bad, some are repurchases and some possible non-repurchases.

I’ve been all about the eyes lately with my makeup routine. I love bare eyes but I looove when I get the chance to go all glam and use eyeshadows and of course, a reason to go all in with my dark-circle coverage. (Sorry to all of y’all that see me on the other days because Lord knows I barely put in any effort to conceal those bags.)
Now, before y’all go in on me about me putting this under-eye corrector under the bus in a previous post, my Sephora actually did not have this color in stock when I was there, so I never got the chance to see the Peach one over the Apricot one. The peach is obviously muuuch lighter but still the same great formula as one of my favorites ever, their Under-eye brightener.
It’s extremely pigmented so use sparingly but even though it works wonders for dark circles, it’d definitely something that I feel like I wouldn’t use much just because it is an extra step while doing my makeup. I’m currently debating on if I should keep it and use it or return it and get something I would use more….. Decisions, decisions….

The Becca eye pallet. One of my favorite pallets is the cool-tone ombre pallet from Becca and when I found it in warm tones, I knew I had to give it a try! The consistency is just as amazing and the colors are creamy and blend so well together. If you like warm-tones, then give this pallet a try!

Laura Mercier Translucent powder –
A MAKEUP STAPLE. If you don’t have this in your makeup collection, you need to get it ASAP. I use this to set my under-eye area after applying the brightening, color correct and concealer and honestly, I use this as my all-over setting powered overtop of my foundation.

The NARS concealer. I loved this because of the intense coverage all while staying lightweight and practically crease-free. Plus, the wand is a huge plus because it makes it so easy to apply without getting your fingers covered in makeup.

Click each picture to buy what you’re craving!

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