Whoopi Goldberg’s Reaction to Meghan McCain’s Thoughts on Meghan Markle Is Going Viral


On an early March episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, and the rest of the hosts gave their thoughts on Oprah Winfrey’s explosive two-hour interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And one portion of their commentary has the internet’s attention. Well, actually, it’s just one word.

That word came from Whoopi Goldberg, who replied simply, “Okay” to McCain’s impassioned take on the British monarchy. Let’s hear her thoughts first—her full monologue makes Goldberg’s response even more priceless. 

“My ancestors fought in the American Revolution,” McCain said. “When I was growing up, my brothers and sister and I would pretend to be George Washington and the Continental Army crossing the Delaware River when we would be in the creek on our rafts. I named my daughter Liberty. I enjoy going to Mount Vernon to visit the home place of our Founding Fathers. I do not want to defend the monarchy. I’m a red-blooded, 100 percent American who celebrates freedom any way I can and always.” 

She continued, “I want to take this time to encourage all Americans to visit Mount Vernon and see why monarchies are stupid. The American experiment is the way to go, and if we have two American women, Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey, who are singlehandedly finishing what George Washington and our revolutionary counterparts did, I’m all for it.”

That’s…a lot to take in, to say the least. So much, that Goldberg truly was at a loss for words. People on Twitter, naturally, are screaming over this. “I am WHEEZING at this Whoopi Goldberg reaction to Meghan McCain,” one person tweeted. (As am I.)

“It’s 2021, and we are all Whoopi,” added another. (Yes, we are.)

“Okay” is now going to be my default response for anything and everything I don’t have time for.  


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