The Best Beauty Advice Chloe x Halle Learned From Each Other


When I log on to Zoom with Chloe x Halle, I can practically feel the love radiating through my laptop screen. The duo has spent the latter half of last year promoting their acclaimed new album, Ungodly Hour, and after months of iconic quarantine performances, they’re calling in from two separate locations. Halle is in the UK where she’s filming Disney’s new adaptation of The Little Mermaid, while Chloe drops in from home in L.A. Before answering each question, they somehow manage to slip in a complement for the other, which feels really genuine. In fact, it makes me want to call my own sister the minute our meeting ends.

This bond is what makes it so exciting for the pair to be the new faces of Neutrogena together. “To be able to do this as sisters—to be the first sister duo—is really, really cool,” Chloe tells Glamour

“Inclusivity in beauty is so important to us, and we love how Neutrogena offers such a diverse assortment of products for people with all kinds of skin,” adds Halle. 

I caught up with the musicians for Glamour’s Big Beauty Questions. Read on for the products they can’t live without, what they’ve learned from each other, and the strong women they personally idolize. 

Glamour: What’s one beauty rule you swear by?

Halle:  I have very oily skin, and I’m more acne prone, so I swear by this Neutrogena Stubborn AM Acne Treatment. It helps me so much, it just zaps all of the little pimples and all of the blemishes that want to show up on [a] big day, and I absolutely love that.

Chloe: I never, ever, ever leave the house without wearing sunscreen, no matter if I have makeup on or I don’t. I’m really happy Neutrogena created the Invisible Defense sunscreen that works for all of our skin tones, it doesn’t leave a cast on my brown skin, and it gives me kind of an elevated glow.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve learned from each other? 

Halle: My sister has always been an example to me with everything in life. But taking care of her skin has always been something that she’s done. She’s just such a majestic being and has such beautiful skin naturally, but she definitely has taught me to take care of what you have so you can protect that beauty.

Chloe: For me, what Halle has always always taught me is less is more. I love a good face beat and I love good makeup, but it is so beautiful and pure when you can let your inner beauty shine. And Halle does this so effortlessly, and every day I see her and she can literally have nothing on her face and look so stunning. She makes me feel more confident in my natural beauty. 

Who are the women that are inspiring you the most right now?


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