We Tested Drunk Elephant’s New Skin Care-Blush Hybrid on Five Women


We have a lot of longtime blush enthusiasts around here, which is why we’re so excited that it’s finally having its moment in the sun. While cream blushes and draping are popping off on TikTok, what’s really cemented it as the must-have product of the summer (you heard it here first!) is cool-girl skincare brand Drunk Elephant‘s first-ever blush. 

Technically a blush-meets-skin-care hybrid, Drunk Elephant O-Bloos Rosi Drops is the brand’s second venture into makeup, following its Bronzer Drops. Like the first, the Rosi Drops’ shimmering, peachy-pink tint is enhanced with skin-care ingredients like marula oil, vitamin F (a.k.a. linoleic acid), and a peptide blend for bouncy, dewy skin. The drops can be mixed into your moisturizer or foundation for an all-over, wide-awake rosy glow—the brand recommends making a beachy “smoothie” by mixing a drop of the bronzer and blush into the Lala Retro Whipped Moisturizer—or applied directly to cheeks for a natural-looking flush.

 The blush has a lot of good things going for it, like adorable packaging, clean and vegan ingredients, and easy-breezy application. But we can’t help but get a little nervous when we see the words “universal shade,” as is the case with this blush. So, we had five Glamour editors with different skin tones and preferences to put it to the test. Read on for our honest Drunk Elephant blush reviews.

Deanna Pai, acting commerce editor 

Deanna Pai 

When it comes to blush, I go big or go home; I have pretty tan skin, especially in the summer, so I need lots of pigment to pop. Off the bat, I loved the weightless feel of this liquid blush on the cheeks—a key characteristic when you’re living in heatwave after heatwave—and it left a dewy gleam on my cheeks. Overall, it delivered a non-greasy glow, which is the dream when you have oily skin in summertime. That said, it did take a few layers to get the color I wanted on my skin tone, so it might work better as a base for powder blush to extend its wear—or as more of a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones.

Bella Cacciatore, beauty writer 

Bella Cacciatore

Drunk Elephant’s bronzer drops are one of my all-time favorite products, so I was excited to try this new counterpart. Technically, the blush did exactly what it promised: One or two drops mixed into my moisturizer gave my skin a wide-awake rosiness, and a few drops on my cheeks combined my bronzer, blush, and highlighter into one easy step. While it was super-pretty and felt amazing on my skin, I personally prefer my blush a little more on the pigmented side (we’re talking almost disco-levels here). If you like a whisper of color and shimmer, you’ll love this—but I want my cheek color to basically scream “I’m wearing blush!!!” However, I’ve been loving it as a highlighter tapped over a brighter blush, and I think it’s a pretty strong dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wands, which are constantly sold out. 

Michella Oré, beauty assistant 

Michella Ore 

For those hot, humid days, I like to grab a sheer blush that will enhance the natural flush my skin takes on from the heat. This blush goes on light and quickly melts into the skin, which is a win. But this is not a universal shade—while I could achieve a light rosy glow with a few dabs, it wasn’t the most pigmented formula for my complexion, which makes me doubt it would show up on even deeper skin tones. Releasing a one-for-all product is usually a gamble and the product does claim it’s a fit for most skin tones, but for a debut from such a cult-favorite brand it’s still a bit disappointing.

Talia Abbas, associate commerce editor 

Talia Abbas 

Full disclosure: I was on the fence about a Drunk Elephant blush being any good, but I’m completely hooked. The blush has a gel-cream consistency with a little shimmer, and though it looks super pigmented, it blends out smoothly with fingers or a sponge-like blender. I dabbed a pea-sized amount on both my cheeks for a very subtle flush, and while you can’t tell in the picture, my face was glowing. The texture is also very thin, so it feels like nothing on skin—and, best part, it doesn’t clog my pores. Of course, if you want to look like a blushing cherub in a Raphael painting, you can always load up for more visibly pink cheeks.

Ru Wolle, associate editor 

Ru Wolle 

Sadly, this doesn’t show up on my skin as a blush, even after applying a few layers. However, I did like it all over my face as a glow booster. For the makeup minimalists, the formula can be mixed right into your moisturizer or SPF to add a subtle flush and glow across the face. I use a pea-sized drop, which slightly picks up my natural pink undertones, but it seems easily customizable for those who want more color.

Drunk Elephant O-Bloos Rosi Drops

Bella Cacciatore is the beauty writer at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @bellacacciatore_.


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