We Found the Comfiest Wireless Bras on the Internet


One thing we’ve learned from a year of WFH life: While there’s no real reason to wear a bra, we definitely feel like getting more done once something structured is on. The best wireless bras have the same effect as wearing pants with buttons or properly brushing our teeth in the morning, our productivity levels bump right up. Take it from writers who’ve plumbed the depths of the remote-work lifestyle—once the bra comes off and the elastic waist goes on, there is nothing getting done.

Luckily, a great wireless bra and bralette means you can completely avoid “bra” bras and still feel put together. We’re not the only ones who’ve adopted the no-wire life—and you don’t have to be a B-cup to live it, either. Lyst, which bills itself as a fashion search engine, has reported global searches for “bra tops” and “bralettes” are up by 114% this year—and a ton of brands are designing cute, comfortable, and supportive options for large breasts, so anyone can feel like their best self in a wire-free style. 

Most of us are still opting for maximum chill while Zooming into meetings and Slacking with colleagues—and even when things feel more normal again, we don’t see ourselves immediately returning to prodding underwires or push-up bras. So if you’re still looking to live your best WFH life, we’ve rounded up the 21 best wireless bras and bralettes to buy right now.

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