Temporary Wallpaper Is the Easiest Way to Update Your Space


There’s nothing quite like recurring stay-at-home orders to spark interest in an interior design trend like temporary wallpaper. From home office makeovers to bedroom refreshes, making your space as comfortable, cozy, and personalized as possible has never felt more necessary—but if you’re a renter or simply a commitment-phobe, your home makeover likely stopped at new throw pillows and a quarantine candle. There might even be a home improvement project (or three) that proved too involved for you to actually finish over the last year. So if you’re looking for a way to add more color and personality to your space without putting forth much time or effort, humble peel-and-stick wallpaper might be the answer. 

This modern design miracle looks and feels exactly like old-school wallpaper, but comes right off when you’re moving out or simply *over* your oversized crane phase. Installation is surprisingly simple—just remove any outlet covers, cut the temporary wallpaper to scale, peel off the protective layer, stick it to your wall, and smooth it over with a squeegee. It’s basically the textbook definition of high-impact, low-effort design.

Below, find the stylish and affordable temporary wallpaper companies that have perfected this low-lift art form, and decal your way to a fresh new space with our favorite prints. 

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