Twitter Is Comparing Kim Kardashian to the Hulk for Wearing This Green Six-Pack Dress


Of course, Kim Kardashian West would never just wear flannel pajamas for Christmas. In typical Kardashian fashion, she donned a full festive ensemble for her family celebration at Kourtney’s house. Therefore, it was not the sweet family photos that drew the public’s attention, but Kim’s avant-garde green gown, which reminded people of green-hued superheroes. Specifically, The Hulk and the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles.

Kim’s Christmas outfit, she revealed on Twitter, was made by design house Schiaparelli, and may have been molded by the creative director Daniel Roseberry himself, whom the reality star tagged in her post. “A special thanks to @danielroseberry @schiaparelli for my amazing gown that made me feel festive this year even though our Christmas Eve party was canceled,” she tweeted on December 25.

Reactions were immediate and amusing. “Is it just me or did Kim Kardashian dress up like a teenage mutant ninja turtle for Christmas???????” tweeted author Dana Schwartz.

Others saw the look as less “turtle” and more “Hulk,” including one user who commented under Kardashian’s post, “But why is she dressed as the hulk and wearing eggplant earrings….” 

Truly, Twitter could not stop guessing at what this look was supposed to represent:

For her part, Kim thought herself more of a Grinch, posing with a red-clad Kylie Jenner, whom she dubbed Santa (because of the red, we guess).

The rest of the family looks were more toned down, though not necessarily more casual. The Kardashian clan wore a combination of silk pajamas, leather monochrome ensembles, and what looks like a bustier on Kris Jenner:

Meanwhile, on Fashion Instagram, Roseberry posted some behind-the-scenes footage of the gown’s assembly on Instagram, and revealed the materials used for the bodice, writing, “@kimkardashian in custom @schiaparelli couture is a Christmas miracle ✨The six-pack bodice is in molded leather rubbed to be Jaguar green, the skirt is absinthe silk velvet, and the oversized pendant earrings are a sneak peek at the next couture collection ✨✨✨

It was definitely a bold look! Anyone else have the sudden urge to stream Wonder Woman: 1984


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