20 Adult Card Games to Play This New Year’s Eve


Who doesn’t love a good card game? Ranging from slightly bizarre to all-out raunchy, adult card games are a great way to lighten up the mood this winter season with your friends or family. 

This year has been a wild one, so why not indulge in some good-old fashioned fun. If you and your crew are looking for something more adult-friendly to play over Zoom or within your quarantine pod as you head into 2021, read on for some of the best adult card games.  

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

If you’re OK getting more than just tipsy this holiday season, this game gets straight to the point. You and your friends each select a card with simple instructions that will have you buzzed in no time. One example: “Tell a joke. If no one chuckles or laughs, you drink.”

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

That’s What She Said

Taking it back to those childhood days where hearsay was the talk of playground. To kick things off, one player selects a red “setup card,” and the others select from the white deck to pair the perfectly twisted match. 

What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition

Obsessed with TikTok and meme culture? This game will test whether you have the skills to be the next viral meme-maker by having you pair the most popular TikToks with a witty (and somehow universally relatable) caption. 

What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition

New Phone, Who Dis?

If you’ve seen memes of text message threads and thought you could make an even wilder one, here’s your chance. Pair a hilarious reply with a text prompt and let your friends be the judge on how raunchy your mind can get. 

Drawing Without Dignity 

Ah, finally a game where you can draw dick pics without shame! This game is like Pictionary for adults, one where you’ll want to get really detailed to get the points to win. 

If You Had To

The opposite of Would You Rather, to win this game you select the card your friend is least likely to sign up for. 

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

A card game where your friends come clean about how they truly feel about your personality. Before you dig in, might be worth disclaiming at the beginning that it’s all jokes. 

Deck Around

Here’s a game where you can let your creativity fly…in the most inappropriate direction. One player picks up a card containing a dirty word and the others do their best to define it as, um, accurately as possible.

Cards Against Humanity

The OG of adult card games for millennials. You know the drill: Try to select the most horrid pairing and find out who in the friend group has the most warped mind.

Cards Against Humanity Absurd Box

If you didn’t think the game could get even more bizarre, try this expanded version of Cards Against Humanity. Don’t be surprised if you’re left wondering just how your friend went there days later…

Cards Against Humanity: Absurd Box


It’s like seeing your slurred speech spelled out—the timer counts down as you and your friends race to figure what on earth you just read out loud. 

Search History

Curious what your friends or family members were searching over quarantine? Here’s your chance get to really know your close ones as you each fill in the blanks for the most searched questions on the internet.

Exploding Kittens

Because playing a Russian roulette-inspired card game with kittens seems like a very 2020 thing to do. 

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

It’s the title, which includes all of our favorite things, that first grabbed our attention. In this game, the winner leaves empty handed. To play, everyone selects a card from their deck saying “taco, cat, goat, cheese, or pizza.” If your card matches what you say, slap your hand down quickly. Last one to slap takes all the cards. 

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Never Have I Ever

Have some crazy stories you’ve been waiting to share with your friends? This is the perfect game to deepen those relationships as you swap your wildest moments. 

Midnight Card Game

It’s taboo…for adults! Get as inappropriate as you like to describe the word on the card, just make sure no one’s recording that Zoom session. 

F**k. The Game

It’s the Aussie-drinking game where swearing is almost mandatory. As your friends take turns flipping over a card, the rest of you will shout out what you see: a text color, the card color, or a curse word. If you’re too slow or mess up, the cards are yours. Winner walks away deck free. 

Bad People 

Here’s another game to get to the bottom of how well you think you know your friends—and what they know about you. 

What’s Yours Like?

Each person takes turns guessing the word on the card while descriptions, ranging from fairly PG to risqué, get thrown out.  

The Metagame

This one’s for all the deep-thinkers out there. Society’s greatest achievements or your first great love? Ms. PacMan and the Big Mac are some of the options to choose from. 


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