This Iconic ‘Bridgerton’ Sex Scene Has an ‘Extended Cut’ You Need to See

South Park is no longer the only show to get the extended-cut treatment. MTV just gave us a glimpse of what Bridgerton would look like if it had been directed by Justice League helmer Zack Snyder, and honestly, I would watch this for four hours.

At the channel’s Movie & TV Awards, host Leslie Jones continued the time-honored tradition of spoofing the year’s most popular titles by inserting herself into them (she also did TikTok dances as Carey Mulligan’s character in Promising Young Woman…in the motel from from One Night in Miami; it worked, don’t ask us how). And our favorite was a Bridgerton spoof that found Jones attempting to consummate a marriage to the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, a.k.a. Regé-Jean Page. As Page undresses for her, Jones decides she wants to take it slow and asks for a “Zack Snyder Cut” of the scene. At that point the footage starts to mimic Snyder’s signature style, and classical music overwhelms the slow-motion footage of Page’s exposed skin.

The same night, Page accepted the Golden Popcorn for Best Breakthrough Performance for his work in the series. Though it was recently announced he won’t be returning for season two of the hit Netflix series (to be fair, his character’s arc was pretty darn complete), his fans still have plenty to look forward to. Page is set to star opposite Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in an upcoming thriller, and I literally can’t wait.

And while Bridgerton fans won’t get a real “Snyder Cut” any time soon, the steamy series is getting something akin to the franchise treatment: It was just announced that Netflix is making a “limited prequel series” about Queen Charlotte, one of the most enigmatic figures from the world of Bridgerton. Keep the content coming, please.

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