These Rabbit Vibrators Will Give You Double (Sometimes Triple) the Pleasure


The year is 1998, and rabbit vibrators makes their grand entrance to mainstream media in Season 1 of Sex and the City. In the episode, “The Turtle and the Hare,” Miranda tells Charlotte about the rabbit vibrator (specifically Vibratex’s Rabbit Habit, which you can still buy today)—and, even as reserved as Charlotte is about sex toys (remember, it’s the ’90s), she gives it a shot and quickly becomes hooked. “It’s like, every time, boom! And one time, I came for like, five minutes,” Charlotte whispers to Carrie in yoga class. Charlotte is just as bewildered as she is delighted. “I mean, no man ever did that. I’m scared, what am I gonna do?” She ends up canceling all her plans to stay at home and masturbate, as one does.

According to Dr. Jess O’Reilly, PhD, sexologist & relationship expert, the inclusion of the rabbit in SATC was “groundbreaking at the time,” and helped not only normalize sex toys, but it put rabbits in particular on the map. Dr. Jess adds, “They depicted a trip to the sex store as fun and exciting, not shady or shameful, and this created a new dialogue around toys.” Over time, rabbits have become synonymous with vibrators, and we don’t only have HBO to thank. They’re actually worth the hype because they’re so versatile.

How are rabbit vibrators different from other vibrators?

Unlike wand or bullet vibrators, rabbit ears can stimulate both the G-spot within the vaginal canal, as well as the clitoris. And, for many women, combining both internal and external stimulation is the key to achieving a toe-curling blended orgasm. “In research, I have conducted (and published in my book), 43 percent of women say that combining intercourse and external stimulation is their most reliable route to orgasm—and so it stands to reason that combining internal and external stimulation would also be a top way to stimulate oneself alone and this is precisely the type of stimulation that rabbit vibrators provide,” Laurie Mintz, Ph.D., author of Becoming Cliterate & A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex tells Glamour.

How exactly? It’s all about that adorable bunny design: “The inner arm is intended to vibe against or massage the upper wall of the vaginal canal (along the G-zone) and the external arm vibes against the external clitoris,” Dr. Jess says.

How do you find the best rabbit vibrator? 

If you’re new to the rabbit, or just want to see what else is out there, you’re in luck. There’s plenty of variety, and rabbits have come a long way in terms of features. The glow-up is real; the vibe’s “ears” have evolved over time for even more versatility. “Some vibes are adjustable, which means you can ensure that both areas are stimulated. But some of the (mostly older) versions don’t really reach the external clitoris or allow for any pressure against the area, as the outer arms were too small, short, soft or straight. Newer versions that don’t actually look like a rabbit have improved upon this model,” Dr. O’Reilly says. 

Below, find 15 top-rated rabbit vibrators worth a spot on your bedside table


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