27 Hyped-Up Hair Dryers Actually Worth Your Money

Once upon a time, shopping for the best hair dryers was as simple as walking into the drugstore and debating between four or five options. Was it cheap? Was it cute? Done. Thankfully, both we and the beauty industry have wised up to the fact that one-size-fits-all options do not, in fact, work for all, and a new era of high-tech blow dryers was born.

There’s no denying the transformative power of an effective styling tool, especially when it delivers professional-looking results that last longer than an hour (and doesn’t take one to achieve!). That’s why a great blow dryer is worth investing in if it’s part of your hair care routine—and right now, the market is filled with devices tailored to different needs. Naturally, it pays to do your homework to find one that works for your hair type and texture: Do you want ceramic technology for built-in frizz control? Infrared heat to cut down on drying time? Innovative diffuser attachments to bring out the best of your curls? Or hey, maybe you just want a compact design that won’t make blow-drying your hair feel like a workout.

There are a lot of hyped-up devices out there, which is why we turned to Glamour staffers to get their opinions on the hair dryers and blow dryer brushes worth your hard-earned coin (spoiler—yes, the Dyson Supersonic is one of ’em). Below we’ve assembled a range of options—from the heavy-hitters professional stylists swear by to the hidden gems we’ve discovered on the internet. Scroll on for our honest reviews of the best hair dryers for every hairstyle, texture, and budget. 

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