These Cool Cotton Undies Have Thousands of Rave Reviews


Cute and sexy lingerie will always have a spot in your top drawer, but for everyday wear, the best cotton underwear for women is hard to beat. The natural fiber is known for being soft and breathable—and when you consider everything that’s happening down there (especially during workouts or other sweat-inducing activities), you really want a pair that’ll hold up day in and out.

Sure, functional undies may not rank high on your list of exciting things to buy, but sometimes the best—and arguably most important—pieces in your wardrobe are the ones you don’t see throughout the day (unless that’s your thing, of course). Luckily, the Internet is filled with wonderful things, including highly enthusiastic customer reviews, to help discerning shoppers uncover the best cotton underwear for women across different brands, budgets, and styles. From cotton thongs and high-waist briefs to multipacks you can score on the ‘Zon, below are 17 top-rated pairs worth adding to cart.

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