These Are the Tatcha Products Actually Worth Your Money


If you’ve happened upon any Tatcha reviews on YouTube or Instagram, you know people are capital-O obsessed with the Japanese beauty brand. Even Meghan Markle counts herself as a fan, which in this day and age is about the best review a brand can get.

It’s not only people with great genetics who swear by the line, though. Peruse Sephora and nearly all of Tatcha’s products are rated with four stars or higher. That’s because Tatcha has mastered the combination that’s so hard to consistently get right in skin care. No matter the product—its beloved Vitamin C Mask or its Markle-approved Rice Polish exfoliator—the formula is both gentle yet effective.

To prove it, we asked Glamour editors to test out the best products from the line to put its great reputation to the test. Unsurprisingly, nearly all of the team’s Tatcha reviews came back glowing—much like our skin afterwards. From The Dewy Skin Cream that’ll instantly give you dewy dumpling skin to the Glamour Beauty Award–winning Silk Primer that makes your skin look airbrushed, here are the best Tatcha products worth your money.

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